Aptina AR1011HS: photosensor for mirrorless cameras with recording speed Full HD video to 120 FPS

Aptina Company is not well known to the masses, but it is responsible for the 1-inch sensor of mirrorless camera Nikon 1. It is possible that its new design will be used in future cameras from this manufacturer. It is a 10-megapixel photosensor and in this case we are talking about Aptina AR1011HS with improved capabilities for video recording.

Aptina AR1011HS

Aptina AR1011HS sensor will be responsible for good pictures in low light conditions; the sensor technology used explicitly back illumination (BSI). In addition, it is able to record video in full resolution (10 MP) at 60 frames per second. For Full HD video speed increases up to 120 frames per second. By reducing the resolution of recording, speed increases many times, and it allows you to create beautiful effects of slow motion.
Also note that the 1-step format pixel in the sensor is 3.4 micron, and the data used by the 24-wire interface is HiSPi. Mass production of Aptina AR1011HS sensor will begin in the first quarter of next year, but the test samples to its partners has been already sent Aptina.

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