Archos 97 Carbon disappointed by its performance: Complete Review & Specs

Despite the shortcomings in Archos 97 Carbon tablet, this book shelf running fine for a relatively affordable price.

Archos just launched the first tablet of a new line that will bring Elements cheaper models of the brand. Archos 97 Carbon is the latest tablet from the French manufacturer, which is promising the latest mobile technology, stylish design, all at affordable price (250 euros). This tablet is also powerful as Archos announcement? Well below review will guide you through.


Archos 97 Carbon

Archos 97 Carbon is Featuring a 9.7-inch screen, shelf having 4/3 format such as Apple. A little heavier and much coarser than the iPad 2 or Infinity Asus (11.5 mm against less than 9 mm for the others), it offers an elegant look, but neat, with a brushed aluminium shell fairly good finish.

Standard, the connection is complete with a plug miniHDMI, MicroSDHC card reader and even USB-Host to host, for example, a USB drive and access its contents. With an IPS panel, the Archos 97 Carbon displays viewing angles and a good time will not hurt, it delivers a satisfactory brightness of 400 cd / m 2. The display quality is not great (as contrast medium resolution) but rather better than usual.

Autonomy and fluidity of navigation for improvement

Archos 97 Carbon

The processor of the Archos 97 Carbon tablet is only 1 GHz. However, the latter being combined with 1 GB of RAM, the tablet is relatively versatile and comfortable to use with support for HD video up to 1080p. However, no question of playing games with resource-intensive as a shelf dual processor or quad-core: they are also not available in the Play Store.

For the communication part (e-mail, social networks) and mobile Internet (surfing, downloading applications, etc.), the Carbon 97, which embeds all Google services and works with Ice Cream Sandwich, is doing pretty well. Only its little fluid as navigation in the interface that shows web pages is disappointing. Autonomy is also just too whether in reading or surfing video (5:00 to 5:30) against the best competitive models.

Archos 97 Carbon

Worse in multimedia models G9

For the first time, a photo sensor (2 megapixel) present on the back of the tablet supplements the usual webcam in front (there were none on the G9 models or even the previous generation). The pictures taken are however of poor quality as are limited to VGA videos.

Regarding video playback, the Archos 97 Carbon is much better. Fluidity is the appointment, including up to 1080p. In contrast, WMV (WMA music) is not supported. With its 4/3 format, much less the tablet target multimedia enthusiasts than usual. Moreover in the absence of overlay Archos media player and its elegant house carousel is not in the game. More annoying, the model, taking miniHDMI to watch their media on a TV was not working in the test.

The verdict

The Archos 97 Carbon tablet costs only 250 euros, but the consumer will have only for his money with a media playback impoverished, poor video camera skills and a self improvement. From a design meeting and based on a slab brighter than usual, the tablet target rather lovers and mobile Internet communications. It works, indeed, with Ice Cream Sandwich and features all Google services as well as some practical applications provided by Archos.

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