Archos GamePad 7-inch tablet: Specs & Features

Following the line of thin tablets Gen10 XS, Archos company also introduced another very unusual product of its kind – Archos GamePad. Name as that of a traditional game controller hints oriented product as, indeed, their picture.

Archos GamePad
Archos has decided to create a kind of portable game console based on the Android operating system and a 7-inch tablet. Recall that in the time of the announcement of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich surfaced about support for a platform of hardware controls and strange that a device is similar to Archos GamePad, was announced only now. Although this is not the first gaming product based on ICS. For example, there is a project like Ouya.
Archos has not specifically applied to the unusual characteristics of the tablet, but it promises to sell it very cheap, even cheaper than the cost of Nexus 7. It is known that the device uses a 7-inch display with capacitive touch panel, and in the core of the product is dual-core SoC 1.5 GHz and quad-core GPU Mali 400. Of hardware gaming controls are present cross, a pair of analog sticks, six game buttons, two auxiliary and two more on the top of the trigger. Enough for comfortable control of any game, which is already, exists for Android.

But in addition to the presence of these components are not least convenience and the ability to use them. Archos promises that in this respect, all will be well by the original, and even patented, automatically remaps the touch control on the hardware.

French manufacturer also reported the presence of a certificate Archos GamePad Google, that is, game pad comes with a full version of the Android OS with their own applications, Internet companies, and access to Google Play. Similarly Archos doesn’t reveal the price or actual code name, but promises that the new product will cost no more than €150, excluding taxes. By comparison, Google Nexus 7 in European countries costs from € 200. Moreover, it has been revealed that this Archos GamePad will arrive in October.

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