ARM has announced a 64-bit processor series ARM Cortex-A50: Specs & Features

The company ARM announced a new series of processors ARM Cortex-A50, based on the architecture ARMv8. The new series will initially be available chips Cortex-A53 and Cortex-A57, supporting energy-efficient 64-bit technology, but it is fully compatible with 32-bit ecosystem.


On the basis of these chips the company’s partners can create their own energy-efficient, but at the same time, high-performance system-on-chip, which can be used in a wide range of devices – from smartphones to servers. The assurances of ARM, the new ARM Cortex-A50 processors will be able to provide a 3-fold increase in performance as compared to the most productive for modern smartphones. At the same time, the possibilities that are now available only in the most complete solution, will be available in the entry-level smartphones. Thus, the Cortex-A53 processor delivers performance comparable to the Cortex-A9, but occupies 40% less space, even when using the same process of production. This is made possible by technology FinFET. Cortex-A57 processor is positioned as the most productive solutions ARM. At the same time, the model Cortex-A53 is the most energy-efficient ARM chip, and also the world’s smallest 64-bit processor. They can be used independently of each other, or producers can combine them into a configuration ARM big/LITTLE for both high-performance and cost-effectiveness of the system.


It is expected that the supply of chips based on a series of Cortex-A50 will begin in 2014.


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