Aspire V5-551 with Windows 8 but betrayed by battery: Review & Specs

Backlit keyboard, 15” screen, frame rather thin, this Aspire V5-551 64454G50Mass Acer costs only 449 euros. It embeds a low power AMD platform. Unfortunately, there is no endurance.

Aspire V5-551

The Aspire V5-551 is a new portable Windows 8 economic laptop. Only 449 euros for a machine thin and light based on low-power components from AMD. Except that its autonomy is really disappointing.
The promise

The Aspire V5-551 64454G50Mass is part of the new range of Acer Windows 8. This 15.6-inch screen device offers a relatively thin frame (2.5 cm) chipset of AMD said low power consumption and a budget price of 449 euros.

This attractive price, we still entitled to a frame similar to that of the Aspire M3, successful and all silver. End (2.5 cm) and lightweight (2.1 kg) in its class, this Aspire Acer V5-551 has a 15.6-inch glossy standard definition (1366 by 768 dots). No touch screen control for Windows 8 here. Acer offers a numeric keypad and keys well separated. Rarity in this price level, the keyboard is backlit for convenient typing in the dark. It is possible to activate and deactivate very simply via a keyboard shortcut. There is also a large touchpad that supports multi orders placed fingers (next, previous, zoom, etc.).

Designed for common tasks


The Aspire V5-551 works with an AMD chipset signed. We thus find an AMD A6-4455M (2.1 GHz dual-core) with low power consumption, built for ultra-thin frame. As the latest computing chips from AMD, the A6 is an APU (Accelerated Processing Unit). On the same circuit, are the cores and a graphics controller, the Radeon HD 7500G. Performance of the latter cannot play in good conditions the latest games of the moment. The Aspire V5-551 is therefore limited to common computing tasks: office, playing videos (including DVD with the integrated burner drive) or surfing the Internet.

Faint, silent …

The screen of the Acer Aspire V5-551 is correct, though faint (194 cd / m 2 on average). Side audio equipment, do not expect miracles. Small speakers are appropriate, but rather operate the Aspire with a good headset.


Aspire V5-551 consumes 14.7 watts at idle and 37 watts at full speed. For a machine with low consumption, we expected a little less, in both cases. It is little noisy at full load (35.8 dB maximum) and subject to little overheating: not more than 35 ° C in the case.
Autonomy … but disappointing

The problem with Acer is that it can get away with a long socket. In video playback, Acer Aspire V5-551 holds only 2 hours and 47 minutes on average. For a configuration known as low power consumption, it is frankly little! To provide a rugged configuration at a great price, Acer had to make sacrifices and this is the (very small) battery that actually costs.
The verdict

The Aspire V5-551 is a notebook “affordable” without difficulty replacing a desktop PC as long as you do not ask it to encode a movie in high definition or rotate a big 3D game. Yet it consumes a lot of energy … but the performance / endurance is clearly below the low power consumption of Intel chips.

This was all regarding the Acer Aspire V5-551 laptop review, specs and features, now you may decide easily that this laptop is good for you or not.

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