ASSISTANT AP-80104 Android Tablet: Complete Review & Specs

In search of a worthy candidate to buy the tablet, users have to choose between high quality but very expensive models of well-known manufacturers and available, but very poorly equipped devices obscure brands. The new 8-inch tablet ASSISTANT AP-80104 is the perfect choice for virtually any buyer, since the impressively low price offers prospective owners a nice compact design with metal finish, quality capacitive screen, a huge set of connectors, including USB OTG, HDMI and card reader MicroSD, and a fast processor with an operating frequency of 1.2 GHz, RAM 1 GB high capacity battery of 5000 mAh.


Branded packaging tablet ASSISTANT AP-80104 represents a large box of high quality white cardboard. All of its surface is decorated with pictures of just the device, and to provide useful information for future tablet owners.
Thus, even from the front of the box you can see that ASSISTANT AP-80104 is built on a processor with an operating frequency of 1.2 GHz, has 1 GB of RAM, running the operating system Android 4.0.4, and also has a capacitive screen, Wi- Fi module and output HDMI. On the back of the packaging features tablet painted more detail.


For the most advanced users on the sidewall of the box is applied QR-Code with reference to the official product page. This way you can learn about ASSISTANT AP-80104 even more information in the store, using your smartphone camera and any program to recognize QR-codes.


The inside of the box is divided into two parts, the top you will find an 8-inch tablet ASSISTANT AP-80104 , and placed in the lower compartment complete charger, cable USB / mini-USB and in-ear headphones.

Design, size


When selecting the size tablet users usually choose between compact “pocket” 7-inch and larger 10-inch models. Due to the minimal size and weight, the first of them are very easy to use on the road, but because of the small screen is not very well suited for a comfortable consuming information. The latter can boast a larger screen, but respectable size and weight makes them difficult to transport and, as a consequence, the use outside the home.
As used ASSISTANT AP-80104 8-inch format is a happy medium between the 7 and 10-inch devices. This tablet has a large enough screen to take full advantage and at the same time, the relatively small size, which allows it to carry even a small handbag. Case dimensions are 203.2 x 160.3 x 13.3 mm and weighs 471 g, which is just fine for a device with a metallic finish and capacious battery.


The appearance of the tablet differ pleasant minimalist, so atypical for an inexpensive device. Where the cost of comparable competitors are trying to attract the attention of buyers lurid details of design and decoration, developers ASSISTANT AP-80104 have focused on the strict classical design.


Rectangular with small rounded line is made from a practical matt black plastic (there is also a version of the design based on white glossy plastic). This material is practically covered with fingerprints, allows easy insertion of the tablet even with one hand, but the most important thing – that looks good and is very comfortable to hold. At the location of controls and connectors are present ergonomic nodules that make it easy to find the right item at the moment.


Note that the plastic back panel is made tablet ASSISTANT AP-80104 and its sides, but the front panel decided to decorate a metal plate. As a result, surround the 8-inch screen, for which you hold the tablet during use is made of premium material, which further enhances the pleasant impression of the device. The surface of the aluminium plate has been specially treated to achieve the effect of “banded” texture typical of mechanical treatment.
In keeping with the style of design tablet ASSISTANT AP-80104 front panel is made in black, but even here the designers have found a way to emphasize the use of premium materials. In contact with the inside of the screen border is designed as a bevelled chamfer, thus revealing an array of silver aluminium. It would seem a trifle, but of such details is usually a really good design.

Controls, connectors

Controls and connectors tablet ASSISTANT AP-80104 located in two zones. Right under the thumb of the right hand, at the bottom right-hand sides are two rocker keys: one serves as the standard volume, and the second doubles the standard softkey “Menu” and “Back”.


As you know, in all versions of Android OS Tablet can operate solely with the interface, but in some cases the use of hardware buttons is preferable. For example, protruding outside the housing button is easy to find by touch or press with no problems, even with gloves than can boast of an icon on the capacitive screen. That is why the presence of the hardware buttons “Menu” and “Return” is the indisputable advantage ASSISTANT AP-80104.


On the front face you can find the WebCam lens at 0.3 megapixel, which allow us to communicate with family and friends on Skype, not only voice, but also in the format of video. The rear panel contains slots nicely decorated, under which is hidden quality speaker with an enviable level of maximum volume. Here, for convenience of users bear the all the available slots.


The power button and connectors brought to the lower bound of the tablet ASSISTANT AP-80104. Here you will find the microphone hole forced reboot Reset, video mini-HDMI, a connector for the charger, a standard 3.5 mm audio connector, mini-USB, Card Reader for MicroSD memory card and a full-sized USB-port. As you can see, the options for connecting a variety of peripherals are many, I will describe a few of them.


Ergonomics, operation

Miniature mini-USB port is used to transfer data from PC to tablet and vice versa. Connecting ASSISTANT AP-80104 to your computer using the supplied cable, you can quickly and easily write to its internal memory capacity of 4 GB favorite movies, music and books. If this amount is not sufficient, it can be greatly expanded with MicroSD memory card maximum capacity of 32 GB, so the total size of the data warehouse was an impressive 36 GB!


Watch a movie on a large 8-inch screen ASSISTANT AP-80104 is very convenient, but if you’ve come home, why not take advantage of a much larger display device? Just connect your tablet to a TV using an HDMI-cable, and you’ll get much more pleasure from watching the video. In this case, the TV can display not only the film, but the browser page, e-mail client, and even a game, turning your ASSISTANT AP-80104, not only in the media player, but in a real game console. High-capacity lithium polymer battery at 5000 mA / h will watch videos at full volume for more than 7 hours, and if that is not enough, you can always connect the charger complete and extend the browsing though to infinity!


A standard 3.5 mm audio output can be used to complete your headphones when you do not want to disturb others, and to connect high-quality external speakers when you use ASSISTANT AP-80104 as a home stereo or media player.


But the most interesting and useful plug in this model of the tablet is a full-sized USB-port supports Host-mode (OTG). This connector can be connected to virtually any standard peripherals, significantly improved the ergonomics and functionality of the tablet. For example, connected as a keyboard and mouse, you have to significantly increase the ease of typing and working with a browser that will appreciate the pupils, students and active Internet users. Using an external drive – normal USB flash drive or even an external hard drive, you will forget about this concept as “insufficient memory”. Well, plugging ASSISTANT AP-80104 external 3G-modem format USB-dongle you can access the Internet almost anywhere in the country. Just visit your local store mobile operator, and select the appropriate tariff model 3G-modem and uses features that cannot boast of even much more expensive tablets!


Tablet ASSISTANT AP-80104 is equipped with a large 8-inch display. The aspect ratio is 4:3 matrix, which helped significantly improve screen real estate compared with the options of 16:9. Thus, on the screen, you will see more information without having to use the horizontal and vertical scrolling.


Touch display capabilities provided quality capacitive panel that recognizes up to five simultaneous touches. Positioning accuracy meets the most demanding users. The brightness is controlled manually from the minimum level, ideal for reading in the dark, to the maximum – for use in conditions of sufficient ambient light.

The hardware platform

Tablet ASSISTANT AP-80104 is based on a common hardware platform from Rockchip, in particular, uses a single-core processor Rockchip 2918 (ARM Cortex A8) with an operating frequency of 1 GHz. If necessary, the processor is able to accelerate to 1.2 GHz and supports decoding of video codec Xvid, H263, AVS, MPEG4, RV, and WMV, quality playback of all popular video formats. Responsible for processing graphics performance of the graphics chip is Vivante GC800 GPU, supports standard OpenGL ES 2.0 and OpenVG, so tablet users do not have problems with running heavy games.

In the new model versions ASSISTANT AP-80104, delivered to the market in August 2012, RAM doubled, from 512 MB to 1 GB. Internal data storage capacity of 4 GB, with an option to extend it for another 32 GB via memory cards MicroSD. For wireless communication module meets Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, also do not forget that you can purchase and connect an external 3G-modem with a significantly wider range.

The tablet has a capacious lithium-polymer battery of 5000 mAh, which allows to work more than 7 hours of video playback, which is a pretty good result. For maximum convenience, the tablet ASSISTANT AP-80104 is equipped with a position sensor (G-sensor) automatically changes the position of the interface from portrait to landscape when needed.


Tablet ASSISTANT AP-80104 is supplied with the operating system Google Android 4.0.4, augmented software shell Almost Nexus Launcher. The interface supports multiple languages. All necessary for work and entertainment applications, including file manager, task manager, audio and video player, maps, a book reader, and more are already installed on your tablet. It should be stressed that the tablet supports playback of Flash-content, so you will not have trouble viewing the video on the popular online resources.


This way you can fully use your tablet out of the box, without the time-consuming task settings. However, for those who plan to use ASSISTANT AP-80 104 for the full program, an embedded application store Android Market / Google Play, where you can find thousands of useful free software and games.


As a result, the tablet ASSISTANT AP-80104 is an excellent suggestion in its class. Its body is made with a classic design with high-quality matte plastic and brushed metal. Large 8-inch screen with a resolution of 800 by 600 pixels a 4:3 aspect ratio and high-quality capacitive panel that supports multi-touch gestures, allowing you to enjoy using the device. The tablet runs on the most popular mobile operating system Android 4.0.4 with the latest modification.

Tablet ASSISTANT AP-80104 has a full set of required to complete the work and entertainment features, including USB OTG port for easy connectivity to peripherals, HDMI to output video to a TV and MicroSD reader for a radical increase in data storage. Effective hardware platform based on a 1.2 GHz Rockchip 2918 and gigabytes of memory will forget about annoying troll. Wireless communication is responsible for the built-in Wi-Fi-module and an optional 3G-modem, which in conjunction with a web-cam chat will help you to bring friends and family to new levels. Finally, one of the most important advantages of this model is a powerful battery of 5000 mAh, which allows the tablet to use ASSISTANT AP-80104 for more than 7 hours.


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