ASUS FX553 with Outstanding Performance

ASUS FX553 was packed with all the latest and amazing features with 7th gen Intel processor, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 graphics and Windows 10 in a very compact & lightweight design which enables users, in order to work very efficiently and professionally from anywhere.

Outstanding Performance

ASUS FX553 delivers an outstanding performance because of 7th-generation Intel Core i7 core processor which combined with discrete NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 graphics along with Microsoft DirectX 12 support. Hardware in this laptop gives amazing efficient & powerful performance combined with stylish, sleek and slim design for multitasking functions and more productive.

Amazing Gaming Platform

Everyone likes to play games but all of us need a fast and powerful gaming system while playing, for this GeForce GTX 1050 was helpful. With the help of NVIDIA Pascal, you can turn on your laptop into a true gaming rig, NVIDIA Pascal is most advanced GPU architecture which was never ever created before. It was being loaded with some innovative NVIDIA Game Ready technologies which lets every gamer to experience all latest titles with full glory.


The performance of this laptop was outstanding because of advanced GPU boosts performance in high-definition games, when compared to the previous-generation GPUs. It was created all with latest technologies & it will support DirectX 12 features in order to deliver powerful, super-fast and smooth gameplay.

Game-Changing Technologies

User can able to capture & share great professional-quality in-game photos with the help of NVIDIA Ansel technology. And thereby user can watch every game come alive with the help of NVIDIA Game Works innovations which provide a great experience of true cinematic feeling.

Perfectly designed key board

ASUS FX553 was featured with a specially-designed keyboard which is having red backlighting & scissor-switch keys with gap of 2.5mm of travel distance for tactile keystrokes. It was being highlighted with WASD keys which stand out, space bar which is large & isolated arrow keys for the purpose of precise control & input while performing intense gaming sessions.

Intelligent Thermal Design

ASUS Cooling Over boost and permits to adjust fan speeds and having an intelligent thermal design for the purpose of maximum cooling efficiency to give the ASUS FX553 a great stability while working in any environment.

Up to 32GB of DDR4

ASUS FX553 laptop comes with an amazing standard 32GB of DDR4 memory which in turns give faster speed, lots of memory space & incredible energy efficiency while working.

USB Type-C Port

The reversible USB Type-C port gives users an easier device connections & hyper-fast data transfer speeds.

Ambient Noise

In this laptop there will be a great array of microphones which are particularly designed in order to filter out the ambient noise, that means even if you are having a conference-call in some loud environment, then your voice will be still clearly heard.

Amazing Audio

Along with the slick design, there will be in-built speakers which are positioned by that user can able to make the best of audible experience.


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