ASUS Maximus V Formula / ThunderFX motherboard: Review, Specs and Features

Each and every device from ASUS, which appears in the line of Republic Of Gamers (ROG), immediately attracts the attention of enthusiasts and fans to play. Devices that fall into this series often have not only enhanced functionality but also a highlight, which allows them to be distinguished from similar models. This time it will be about motherboard ASUS Maximus V Formula / ThunderFX with Platform Intel LGA1155. Below I have mentioned the review of ASUS Maximus V Formula, and whether this will be a model for the Taiwanese manufacturer once the formula for success?

ASUS Maximus V Formula ThunderFX motherboard

Design and layout of ASUS Maximus V Formula / ThunderFX

The novelty is based on top-end chipset for the LGA1155 platform – Intel Z77, and allows you to use any CPU architecture Intel Core second (Sandy Bridge) or third (Ivy Bridge) generation. Products range from simple visual ROG distinguished from the typical series of devices. The combination of red and black and colors, along with an interesting design of the cooling system creates an aggressive look of the board.
For 12-fayznoy (8 +4) power subsystem uses a digital control scheme Extreme Engine Digi + II, allowing the platform to optimize power consumption, depending on the load, as well as manage your VRM during the fine tuning.

ASUS Maximus V Formula ThunderFX motherboard

To remove heat from the load-bearing elements in ASUS Maximus V Formula using an original design – Thermo Fusion. It’s a hybrid cooling system combines the benefits of oversized aluminium radiator with compacted inside the heat pipe, and the possibility of using liquid CO.
In such a regime should be a combination of any good show themselves. When you connect the CBO to include the manufacturer recommends cooling the circuit to the CPU cooler, and water-block is not used for the graphics card.
For additional power supply on the PCB in ASUS Maximus V Formula connector located two EPS12V – eight-and four.

As regards the connection of additional expansion boards, the ASUS is betting on the periphery of the modern, uses a bus PCI Express. The board ASUS Maximus V Formula in placed three full-length slots PCI-E x16, one PCI-E x4 and three PCI-E x1.

The PCB is also an additional chip PLX PEX8608, which acts as a splitter lines of PCI Express. Additional controllers in the “formula” more than enough to do so with minimal loss of part of the bandwidth, just use this chip.
In order to provide the necessary power when using multiple graphics cards, the ASUS Maximus V Formula motherboard placed an additional four-Molex-connector.
Disk Subsystem ASUS Maximus V Formula / ThunderFX allows you to connect eight internal drives. In this four-port SATA 6 Gb / s serve two additional controller ASMedia ASM1061. Just a couple of high-speed ports and two SATA 3 Gb / s provides Intel Z77. In this two channel interface chip is used to support eSATA, handed down on the rear wall and the needs of mSATA, located on an additional expansion card mPCIe Combo.
In addition to direct connector mSATA, which allows to connect the SSD corresponding form factor, the board also has a mini PCI-E connector, which in this case is initially occupied by the adapter Wi-Fi (802.11 a / b / g / n) / Bluetooth 4.0.

The ASUS Maximus V Formula board is equipped with Gigabit LAN controller Intel 82579V. One of the best solutions in its class, moreover, in this case, the function of ROG completed GameFirst II, which allows to configure the priority of traffic and access in such a way as to minimize delays in gaming applications.
The motherboard is literally littered with a variety of “buns” for enthusiasts. In the upper right corner of the board they are the power button and reset the system – the basic necessities for the system on an open bench. Next is the button GO Button, which, depending on the mode or activates MemOK! to optimize the settings for memory timings, or loads a prepared profile system settings.

Pads ProbeIt can measure the actual voltage of different nodes in the system with a multimeter. This solution is more suitable for the control measurements, but for long-term monitoring is more convenient when such a tool has a special probe clips.

The very existence of LN2 jumper in ASUS Maximus V Formula allows to compensate for the influence of «cold bugs» at the start of the processor in terms of negative temperatures, suggests that the board is tuned for extreme overclocking and is willing to work with the cooling systems used to install the next world record.

Of the additional elements of the note indicator of Q-Code, which will help diagnose possible problems during system boot. On the same issue, but in express mode to help cope LEDs LED Q, which tell about the problems with the processor, memory, video card or a bootable device. Activity drives one LED confirms – HD_LED.

With the organization of the cooling system inside the case is unlikely to encounter any difficulty. The PCB is placed on a four-eight fan connectors. The board also has three contact groups, intended to connect the sensors (sold separately). In this case you can not only monitor the temperatures of interest to elements of the system, but also separately adjust each of the fan speed appropriate to the thermocouple (OPT_FAN).
On the rear panel, there are the key to clear the CMOS-RAM, a key that activates the function of ROG Connect, which allows controlling the system from another computer, four ports USB 2.0. There are also four-port high speed USB 3.0, eSATA connector and the socket. To connect a display device interfaces include a HDMI or DisplayPort. To connect the speakers, there are five audio jacks. In addition, the panel has digital optical audio input and output.

ASUS Maximus V Formula ThunderFX motherboard

SupremeFX IV

A special reason for pride ASUS – integrated audio SupremeFX IV. To reduce the likelihood of interference, audio section is highlighted on the PCB in a separate segment, and the codec chip is covered with a protective metal casing. The border around the perimeter of the site dramatically lit red LEDs on the back of the PCB. In addition, by default, the backlight is activated even when the system is turned off and is in standby mode. However, for those who are not very fan of extra illumination, we note that it can be disabled in the BIOS.
When the external examination fees, look unintentionally catches other than the use of capacitors from the usual solid state. But this is not an oversight of the manufacturer. In this case, in order to improve the electrical characteristics of the circuit uses a special high-quality audio section container used in the component systems. Also note that the PCB is installed TI TPA6120A2 power with low noise level.

Feature modification of ASUS Maximus Formula V / ThunderFX – the presence of complete external sound card ThunderFX. By connecting to it at the same time the PC and Xbox 360 / PS3, you can use the same for all devices, headphones or a headset. It supports a variety of playback modes, and feature an active noise-canceling microphone.


The package ASUS Maximus V Formula bundle is very diverse. Very detailed guide, CD with drivers and software, six cables SATA, a cap on the rear panel, the bridge SLI. Special cables with adapters to connect the console to an external unit. There is also a USB cable for connecting your host PC using the ROG Connect, the panels Q-Connector, two antennas, an expansion card mPCIe Combo with Wi-Fi module and an external audio unit ThunderFX.


To the delight of fans of the cult hit from Blizzard, the delivery is on the mouse pad from SteelSeries logo Diablo III. Also pleased with the presence of alarm signs on the door.


Graphical UEFI shell from ASUS is very convenient. In this case, it is made in the overall color scheme, the corresponding products of ROG. A variety of settings with mass.
The board ASUS Maximus V Formula provides a very broad scope for overclocking. And this applies to all subsystems. You can speed up the processor, memory, allowed to make adjustments to the power subsystem. Novice enthusiasts such thoroughness even seem excessive, but they can restrict and simpler configuration or even an acceleration in the utility software Turbo V, which is part of AI Suite II. Experienced overclockers also not limiting ourselves with air-CO, will find plenty of useful parameters that will not only increase productivity, but also to optimize for speed “Olympic disciplines.” One of those is Super Pi. After activating the SPI Booster when converted 32M without visible changes of system parameters results improved by 0.5 sec. Someone such figures can be separated from the world record.


LGA1155 platform bus frequency is tied to the parameters of peripheral interfaces. As a rule, the limit of stable operation of the system lies in the range 105-107 MHz. In this case, the platform remained stable in the flesh up to 108 MHz.

Speaking on the maximum acceleration by a factor, the test chip is easily able to get to work on the limit for your instance of 4.8 GHz. A further increase in frequency requires a fundamentally different approach to cooling the CPU.

As regards the elements of a hybrid cooling system drive, then in full as they can be assessed only in rather extreme conditions. Because during the warm-overclocked to 4.8 GHz processor Core i7-3770K, the temperature has reached a voltage regulator heatsinks of 47-48 degrees for easy CPU cooler fan blowing tower Thermalright Archon Rev.A.


ASUS Maximus Formula V / ThunderFX – a brilliant representative of a series of devices, Republic Of Gamers. This model not only fits well to a cohort of high-end motherboards based on chipset Intel Z77, on the part of the functionality it claims to be the favorite.

With the device ASUS Maximus V Formula, manufacturers trying to please both enthusiasts count on the most overclocking results, as the habit of amateurs to play. First get a good margin of safety, a hybrid cooling system and the almost unlimited possibilities for tuning the platform, the second – simple and effective tools for your PC graphics, audio quality as well as the ability to use your favorite headphones / headset with a variety of gaming platforms. If you prefer to play on PC, Xbox 360/PS3 do not appear in the list of potential purchases, it is possible to settle for a modification of Maximus V Formula, which retains all the functionality discussed the board, except for the external sound card, with the cheaper ($ 300 vs. $ 355 .)


+ Effective design

+ Overclocking and System Setup

+ Advanced equipment and accessories

+ Sound quality audio SupremeFX IV with an additional amplifier

+ Combined Cooling System

+ Module Wi-Fi/Bluetooth


– High price

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