Asus N56, a 15.6-inch laptop well equipped for multimedia: Review and Specs

The Asus N56 is a very good laptop with screen 15.6 inch Full HD. Difficult to find fault with this machine proposed to €1 049, adorned for reading Blu-ray movies, apps and even the classic 3D game.

Asus N56

The promise

The chassis of the previous Asus N55 and Asus N75 were quite disappointing. With this release of Asus N56 laptop, it is offering a 15.6 inch quite attractive. Equipped with a matte panel Full HD, this Asus N56 laptop looks very versatile.


Asus N56 has got a screen of 15.6 inch Full HD and pleasant to use. Typing comfort offered by the backlit keyboard, on three levels of intensity, is really good. All buttons fall naturally under the fingers. The wide touchpad supports multiple commands to fingers to scroll, zoom … Manipulations are well explained in video, in the driver interface. In addition, the software implements Asus Smart Doctor automatically reduces the sensitivity of the touchpad to avoid accidental touch while typing on the keyboard.

A large computing power

Asus N56 laptop of the team configuration is muscled. Asus uses the Intel Core i7-3610QM (four cores at 2.3GHz) backed by 6 GB of memory. Storage is provided by a 750 GB hard drive, split into two partitions. The first of 255 GB for hosting Windows and your programs. The second offers 420 GB to store your data.

For connectivity, the Asus N56 sides are lined with four USB 3.0 ports. Also included is a broadband network jack, a headphone jack compatible with S / PDIF, microphone input and two video outputs (HDMI and VGA).

Play yes, but not fully

The Full HD screen of N56 is bright (342 cd / m 2 ) and sharp (716:1). Asus has five pre-recorded profiles colorimetry, quickly accessible by a keyboard shortcut. Side graphics card, Asus retains a latest generation model of Nvidia, the GeForce GT 650M, which turns a lot of games provided they do not put all the details thoroughly. With The Last Remnant and Resident Evil 5 pushed to the maximum, it obtain results between 41.7 and 92 frames per second on the screen which more than enough to play Diablo 3, World of Warcraft or Counter Strike.
When you play, we recommend that you put the PC on a desk or table, because it heats up quite a bit:There were 46.6 ° C on the machine. Finally, the Asus N56 is known to be discreet (34.2 dB) when watching a movie or surf the internet but ventilation is heard when you play a little (37.2 dB).

Its high definition signed B & O

To take full advantage of the definition of the screen, Asus has the good idea to put a Blu-ray in the Asus N56. We also like the ICEpower audio system from Asus and Bang & Olufsen, reinforced by a small external subwoofer. With a good movie in high definition, we take full eyes and ears.

And if you’re feeling a sound engineer, Asus delivers software Wave MaxxAudio that offers tremendous opportunities to improve the rendering sound movies and your favorite MP3s. In addition, software Magix audio and video creations come with the machine so you can give free rein to your creativity.

The journey in small doses

Despite its weight of 2.7 kg and its size, the Asus N56 offers an acceptable battery life: three hours of streaming video. This is an endurance quite reasonable for a machine of this caliber.

The verdict

Asus N56 is pretty good and comes with guaranty for two years, it is marketed at 1049 euros for that price, nothing is missing. The machine even comes with a mouse and a bag! The machine is powerful, versatile and fun to use. It even pays the luxury of being relatively tough and light enough for a laptop with 15.6-inch screen. However, it tends to heat up more reasons than when you put all the components tested. Only the touchpad is not convincing in our view.

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