ASUS new servers based on Intel Xeon E3 and E5

ASUS has introduced a new range of server systems and motherboards compatible with processors Intel Xeon E5-4600, Xeon and Xeon E5-2400 E3-1200 v2. These all features extreme computing power, functions for a very flexible expansion, management and comprehensive remote management nodes for various applications in the cloud and the earth as data storage and business solutions, with a clear focus on ERP and HPC.


Xeon E5-2400

System RS926-E7/RS8 ASUS 4-way Intel Xeon compatible with E5-4600

Supports up to four processors and two double-deck GPU for a good estimate hybrid, RS926-E7/RS8 offers seven expansion slots and supports up 1TByte of main memory. The system also has to 56Gb/s quad InfiniBand interconnect LAN ensure network operation as quickly as possible. These features make it ideal for data storage and business solutions with a clear focus on ERP (enterprise resource planning).

Models compatible with the Intel Xeon E5-2400

The server RS500-E7/PS4 with optimized cooling system that shifts the processor and memory to the front of 1U chassis to improve their exposure to cold air flow. Its expansion 2 +1 design is based on two PCI Express 3.0 slots and slot ASUS PIKE. It also has the functionality of virtualization and quad LAN network.

Server motherboards Z9NH-D12 and Z9NH-D12/FDR combine high density and flexibility in a Half-Board format. Its 12 DIMM slots allow you to install up to 384GB memory and functionality LRDIMM monitoring and control ASUS Node Manager. The model has Z9NH-D12/FDR 56Gb/s InfiniBand interconnect to the Z9NH-D12 features an improved cooling system, ASUS PIKE (6Gb / s), Intel Platform Controller Hub (PCH) with SATA 6GB / s, four SATA ports 6Gb / s and additional energy efficiency reaches 91%.

The motherboards Z9NA and Z9NA-D6-D6C offer server performance both ATX chassis to rack configurations, so also are compatible with ATX power supplies and SSI. In terms of storage, have SAS 6Gb / s (via ASUS PIKE card) and support for Intel ® PCH SATA SATA Disk on Module 6Gb/s (DOM). These server motherboards incorporate the strongest components and offer 91% energy efficiency (85% under heavy computational load).

Servers and motherboards compatible with 22nm Intel Xeon E3-1200 v2

ASUS has added support for Intel Xeon processor family E3-1200 v2 to their servers and server plates. Other advantages include support for DDR3 1600 modules, which extends the bandwidth and PCI-E 3.0, which accelerate the interconnection between components.

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