ASUS O! Play Media Pro Smart TV Device: Specs & Features

The company ASUS has just launched a new media player that can make any TV you have at home into Smart TV. With the new ASUS O! Play Media Pro Smart TV multimedia files can be played via streaming or HD local content via Internet access and even share content with other devices on the network.

ASUS O! Media Play Pro

ASUS O! Play Media Pro has wireless connectivity Wireless-N and Gigabit Ethernet and an integrated HD tuner, allowing you to enjoy the best quality on your screen.

Moreover the new media player of ASUS allows both from a computer or from a smartphone can send content to the TV easily thanks to O! Direct and O! MediaShare.

ASUS O! Media Play Pro

The price of this device is around € 130. This was all about ASUS O! Play Media Pro, which is one of the solutions available for converting your TV into Smart TV or other display devices into Smart TV. Moreover, if you will connect this device with projector then also your projector will be converted into Smart Projector.

At present there exists a few of solutions which can convert your TV into Smart TV, ASUS O! Play Media Pro is one of them which is very promising but its price could be the issue for people, but still its Direct technology will attract people towards it.

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