ASUS PL-X51P and PL-X52P powerline high-speed network adapter: Specs & Features

ASUS has updated the range of the proposed network equipment and introduced two adapters ASUS PL-X51P and PL-X52P, intended for the organization of a local network in buildings where there is no possibility to establish a direct wired connection. These adapters are used to create a local network the existing electrical wiring and plug into standard electrical outlet.


According to the manufacturer, Adapters ASUS PL-X51P and PL-X52P are the fastest available on the market of such decisions. These new devices work on data rates up to 500 Mb / s. Each device integrates four Gigabit Ethernet ports Ethernet. Also available in a dedicated port VIP LAN, which has a function to control the traffic to ensure high priority applications, sensitive to the speed and quality of the network connection. When using these ASUS PL-X51P and PL-X52P devices, the user will have access to an electrical outlet. The adapter is integrated built-in filter, designed to eliminate the effects of noise on performance. Model ASUS PL-X51P is a single adapter. At the same time, the ASUS PL-X52P is a set consisting of two such devices.

Information about the timing of the start of sales and the level recommended retail price NIC ASUS PL-X51P and PL-X52P is not yet reported, so stay tuned for more updates.

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