ASUS Rampage IV Formula Motherboard: Review & Specs

In the High-level motherboards ASUS have several rulers. Models Deluxe, Workstation, SABERTOOTH, Rampage often have similar functionality and features to configure the system, along with overclocking functionality, but are positioned as the basis for PC different plan. Rampage Extreme and Rampage Formula – business motherboard from ASUS segment and the “face” of the brand is The Republic of Gamers series. And today we brought the one of the motherboard that belongs to gamers and in this case we are specifically talking about ASUS Rampage IV Formula.

ASUS Rampage IV Formula
ASUS Rampage IV Formula motherboard is based on Intel X79 Express (LGA2011). The simplest model for this platform available for about $ 200, while the cost of the best equipped is $ 450. In this vein, options for $ 330-350 are believed to be the most balanced. In our opinion is in its segment ASUS Rampage IV Formula. This model is significantly cheaper solutions – Rampage IV Extreme – but kept its key features and functional elements.
However we consider the cost of Rampage IV Formula / BATTLEFIELD 3, but all that has been said is completely true for an earlier version of the standard.
It comes in a box made in aggressive black and red colors, typical of the series devices ROG (The Republic of Gamers). The front side is placed a large poster Battlefield 3, which leaves no doubt that the box contains a CD with this game. In the expanded version, you can take a look at the motherboard, without taking it out of the packaging.
Besides the traditional manual, CD with software and game, you can select the bridge 3-Way SLI and USB-cable to realize the function of ROG Connect.
Frankly, we’re used to seeing more interesting bonuses included making a series of The Republic of Gamers, but the cost of Rampage IV Formula is exactly as what the current version.


Design and Layout Features

ASUS Rampage IV Formula motherboard is made in the ATX form factor, and unlike some of the top solutions fit into any full-sized system unit. The characteristic black and red slots PCB perfect harmony with each other.
One of the first things that you notice – the presence of only four slots for RAM (although it is unlikely for someone it will be critical) in ASUS Rampage IV Formula. Perhaps, such a decision driven by a desire to place more functional elements on a normal PCB, resulting in the area around the CPU socket will get a little squeezed.
To connect the 12-volt power line uses only one Octal socket. CPU VRM heatsink cooled by a massive paired.
The heat from the chipset than the core dissipates as an additional radiator, located between the PCI-Express slot and socket LGA2011.
In the upper right corner of ASUS Rampage IV Formula is a “zone of control”, presented buttons Power, Reset, POST-indicator switches extreme mode card (useful for experimenting with liquid nitrogen) and the Configurator full-height PCI-Express. Next – the point to measure the basic supply voltages.


One of the notable elements in the lower part of the board – the button BIOS Switch, next to the two chips to store firmware and allows one click to activate the necessary, as additional signal LEDs.
The configuration of slots PCI-Express x16 optimized to collect CrossFireX configurations or SLI. There is an audio jack near a power connector (Molex), which provides additional stability in powerful video acceleration and multi-configurations.
On ASUS Rampage IV Formula soldered eight SATA-ports, four SATA 6 Gb / s and two implemented by the South Bridge Intel X79, two SATA 6 Gb / s – controller ASM1061. This ASUS Rampage IV Formula board can boast of a very high quality audio system – SupremeFX III.
Note the silver capacitor stands out in the area DAM – is a high-capacity solid-state electrolyte for maximum noise filtering on the power supply signal path.
The rear panels of ASUS Rampage IV Formula shows the following connections:

– One PS / 2
– Six USB 2.0
– Four USB 3.0
– Two eSATA
– RJ45
– Optical S / PDIF connectors and eight audiodzhek
– Buttons ClearCMOS and ROG Connect

Since the high-speed capabilities of the ASUS Rampage IV Formula model are aligned with those of other boards based on the chipset X79 Express (installation of similar memory settings).

UEFI-shell in ASUS Rampage IV Formula is typical for devices ROG-series. The adjustment range of supply voltages is more than enough even for extreme overclockers, so ordinary users just worry about. Note the presence of several variants of an automatic overclocking, engineers realized ASUS.
The first thing when started tweaking and overclocking. Note, this model proved to be quite unpredictable in this respect – to achieve results similar to those obtained on the basis of previously considered by us SABERTOOTH X79, needed a little more time and play with the selection of key parameters. 4934 MHz – the result of the stable operation of the processor frequency.


The test kit of memory after numerous “dancing with a tambourine” still managed to “start” with the factor of 2400 MHz, the limit in frequency – 1215 ( 2430 MHz ). Apparently, the further limitation of the system was stable overclocking potential use of RAM.
The maximum temperature to which warmed radiators power subsystem – 47 ° C. The chipset was a bit cooler – 43.5 ° C. However, it is quite comfortable value for passive CO, deprived of any additional cooling.
We would like to mention the function of ROG Connect. It allows real-time control system based on the ASUS Rampage IV Formula from another computer (laptop). Frequency and other parameters of the PC within certain limits can be changed even while passing the tests (a very useful feature for those who are going to overclock and squeeze out all of the available accessories).
At the beginning we have mentioned Rampage IV Formula ($ 340) will be much cheaper than the Rampage IV Extreme ($ 430). What is the reason such a large difference in price? The junior board is in the usual form factor (ATX, 30.5 × 24.4 cm), while the elder has dimensions of 30.5 × 27.2 cm. It lacks Bluetooth-controller, a single slot PCI-Express x16 (“extreme” board optimally combines three cards with massive cooling systems), built-in thermometer for external thermocouple controller OC Key. On the Rampage IV Formula is not possible to regulate the voltage on ASUS graphics cards with technology VGA Hotwire. The DAM divorced only four slots for RAM. At the same time, the ASUS Rampage IV Formula has absorbed the best of what is available for solving a series ROG – optimized design, high-quality sound system, plenty of opportunity for system control and precise overclocking it has in abundance.


Given the current price, ASUS Rampage Formula IV in our opinion is one of the best motherboards for platform LGA2011 – it has a perfectly matched set of features and lacks some highly expensive overclocking chips. This model will be an excellent basis for gaming PC, and at the same time will allow workers to collect functional configuration.
+ Stylish
+ Extended Functionality
+ Management capabilities and overclocking results
+ Full version of Battlefield 3 in the set (for models with suffix / BATTLEFIELD 3)
+ Price

This was all regarding the ASUS Rampage IV Formula motherboard which belongs to the ROG ASUS series and a perfect solution for gamers.

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