ASUS ROG G55 Gaming Laptop: Complete Review & Specs

From Asus, there are large machines for players such as ROG G75VW-T1042Vand then there are also machines, a little less impressive but still powerful. This is the case of ASUS ROG G55 VW-S1129V, a 15.6-inch model, weighing 3.7 kg anyway, promising strong performances with the latest equipment. Asus seems to improve Gaming Laptop with each new generation. Moreover, ASUS ROG G55 is priced at 1399 Euros.



Asus no longer has to prove itself in the design of machines for gamers. This ASUS ROG G55 model incorporates the beautiful 15.6-inch chassis massive family ROG (for Republic of Gamers), which seems ready to face the biggest fights, even with the punches a little reactions associated with frank – if not nervous – of certain players. Again, this chassis is unanimous in our editorial: it’s beautiful!

Beautiful body and sacred engine


It was to be expected, the tests taken on this machine post scores high fly. Not as high as the 17-inch model, of course, but the headroom is very good. Whether the raw computing power with a latest processor, or GPU, not the ASUS ROG G55 VW is really shows no signs of weakness. The average scores obtained in a test sets are around 60 fps in the native resolution of the screen is 1920 x 1080 pixels. The image is fluid in all circumstances, even opting for higher levels of detail.

The choice of components makes sense, giving rise to a well-balanced and scalable configuration to boot. The trap held by two screws under the laptop provides access to two more slots for RAM.

Joy of the matte panel

Fellow players, ASUS ROG G55 will really make you happy. At this reserve of power plus a great convenience. It first passes through the quality of the screen. Intolerance to glare on the screens makes us truly appreciate what Full HD model. Bright (348 cd / m 2 ) and contrast (833:1), is pleased to use is at its peak, both for play than to watch a video, surf the Web or work.

Pleasure to the tips of do



The chassis of ASUS ROG G55 is solid and thick, is to ensure better heat dissipation components that work under the hood. This is true for the use, since the temperature at the palm rest is very tolerable (30 degrees maximum). Do not spoil the fun to use the dissipation of the hot air is via the rear of the machine. Naturally, it’s hotter under the machine (43 degrees max.).

The ASUS ROG G55 comfort is also evaluated the quality of its keyboard. Spacious (a little less on the numeric keypad that is designed with small keys), it offers a striking silent, short, very pleasant. Toward the noise, sound meter measured 38.4 dB at 50 cm from the machine. A purr bearable – we expected even worse – having regard to the power of the machine.

Full connectivity and low self


The connector has four USB 3.0 ports, one HDMI, VGA, Ethernet port and a port Thunderbolt. Autonomy, in turn, does not exceed 2 hours 20 minutes of video playback. It is our opinion the only weak point of this monster that cannot be used on the move. This is particularly regrettable that has a Blu-ray player and a 2.1 audio system quality that give the real air of multimedia machine.

The final details for the players

The subtlety of ASUS ROG G55 is under the hood … at the hard drive. The unit is a 750 GB Seagate Momentus XT. A great product that combines the performance of a mechanical hard drive running at 7200 r / min and an 8 GB SSD It serves large buffer serious speeding access to data.

The accessories

The ASUS ROG G55 also comes with a backpack and a good headset, the Steel Series Siberia V2. For its part, the backpack offers plenty of storage space and its thick padding will be appreciated by your shoulders. The big problem is that the compartment supposed to host the laptop is a little too small. This laptop comes in big shoehorn. Too bad, it does not ultimately very seriously.

The verdict

If you are a seasoned player and that you had planned to change bikes, we can only advise you to wait for the release of ASUS ROG G55. This 15.6-inch model uses the beautiful and rugged chassis own family Republic of Gamers. The equipment is particularly well thought out, giving a machine balanced, that does not sacrifice comfort in favour of the power or vice versa. A new full card for Asus confirms his experience on the notebook segment – upscale – dedicated to video games. For 1399 Euros, it is a sum certainly, this configuration is to consume without moderation.

This was all regarding ASUS ROG G55 Gaming Laptop, if you have any query then, feel free to ask.

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