Asus Transformer Infinity Pad TF700: Review and Specs

The Asus Transformer Infinity Pad TF700 combines the quality and the iPad screen, better camera contained in a tablet with Android and a fairly powerful processor, but will meet the expectations? Let’s find with the below discussed review of Asus Transformer Infinity Pad TF700.

Asus Transformer Infinity Pad TF700

Asus is correct and improve aspects of Prime. However, it is more than one update, and has more advanced hardware. In appearance is much like the Prime version and has the same connections (HDMI Micro, microSD, headphone jack, microphone, etc.) but these have been adjusted and put into a different position.

For example, the volume button has switched sides, and the power button gives a good feeling, to be more resistant.
The tablet measures 0.33 inches thick and is almost entirely of aluminium. The GPS is covered in plastic to improve the signal. The color we can get is gray but also in gold. Besides we can get a keyboard dock for 125 Euros which is compatible with the Prime.

As for software the TF700 is the second tablet from Asus that comes with Android and ICS. Although it seems to be one of the best tablets, do not yet support many applications but this will be solved. Asus offers online music connection and 8 GB of free storage in the cloud.

In addition to SuperNote can write notes directly on the fingers and allows drawing graphics and take pictures or capture videos.

With App Backup can save all the applications installed to internal memory or a microSD card, much like Titanium Backup. This is very useful because we can change the version of Android without losing any application for example. Asus Transformer Infinity Pad TF700 also has an office suite called Polaris Office and Locker App that allows password-installed applications.

Asus has customized the Android in their own way and we can set the CPU in normal mode, balanced or energy savings. In normal mode the CPU works at full speed, in balanced mode and power saving CPU speed is automatically adjusted to reduce battery consumption.

Asus Transformer Infinity Pad TF700 allows us to take screenshots with the button “Recent applications and Super IPS mode + enhances the brightness of the tablet easier to read in bright sun.


Asus Transformer Infinity Pad TF700

Asus Transformer Infinity Pad TF700 has the famous CPU Nvidia Tegra 3 as we see is being incorporated into various devices being its third appearance in a tablet Asus.

The version included in the Pad TF700 has a speed of 1.6GHz quad-core and allowing speeds up to 1.7 GHz when you need extra power.

Furthermore, the TF700 also has 1GB of RAM and 32 or 64 GB of internal storage.

As for connections, the tablet has WiFi 802.11 b / g / n, Bluetooth 3.0 + EDR, gyroscope and accelerometer.

As you can see has very interesting features, and for anyone who is interested in alternatives to tablets Android Samsung Galaxy Tab, you should have it in mind. So, if you have decided to buy this Asus Transformer Infinity Pad TF700 then you would not be wrong, it is enough powerful and stylish.

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