ASUS U47A Notebook: Complete Review & Specs

On the internal classification of the manufacturer, ASUS U47A refers to the decisions of the class Superior Mobility, which at first glance it seems a bit odd. Still, with this positioning expect to see something more compact than a quite ordinary at first glance, 14-inch laptop. However, upon closer inspection it turns out that this model has dimensions inherent in most 13-inch models, and weighs less than 2 kg. Well, after testing, which showed an 8-hour battery, finally convinced that ASUS U47A really turned “Mobility”, when compared with other models of this form factor.


Cover ASUS U47A finished aluminium sheet with a vertical texture and only in the upper part is a thin plastic cover that hides the antenna Wi-Fi-module.

Base unit and the lower part of the sidewall are made of matte plastic practical. Here you can find a few areas of perforation, as well as L-shaped hatch to upgrade memory, and disk. In the back of the bottom is visible bulge that hides the battery or irregular capacity 66 Wh.
On the rear of laptop ASUS U47A –there are connectors on the front pair of speakers taken out and card reader.


The left side panel contains the audio jacks, a pair of USB 3.0, as well as the network port and the charger jack, which is located between the radiator cooling system. Most of the right sidewall has an optical drive, for which there are ports HDMI, USB, and the third hole for Kensington lock.


Despite the presence of ergonomic hood, open the ASUS U47A one hand will not work, so that the fault of a tight joint. The maximum angle of little more than a typical “half” values.
The lateral rim of the matrix is minimal, making this 14-inch model is close in size to the typical 13-inch. In the upper part of the border integrated webcam, and an activity indicator built-in microphone.

In the model, ASUS U47A uses a typical TN-matrix with a standard resolution and viewing angles are traditionally small, able to please the user except that the maximum brightness of 220 cd/m2 and Anti-glare matte finish (optional).


The working surface ASUS U47A made entirely of aluminium with the same vertically oriented textures that cover. Moreover, part of the sheet metal down on the sides, forming a diagonal eye-catching silhouette. Design the main panel minimalistic – just a keyboard, touchpad and power button with muted lighting breast. The impression is spoiled only between the palms of the hard drive activity indicator.

There is a small keyboard with recessed surface of the keys is flush with the panel. Keyboard layout – without bottlenecks, like made in the right column of the navigation buttons. The metal substrate is almost no flex while typing, but most importantly – the keyboard is equipped with an adjustable in three shades of light.

The large touchpad in ASUS U47A without dedicated cursor keys to work out the entire sensory surface, supports a convenient scrolling and right click just realized for every taste: pressing the lower right corner, and double and double-click.


Model ASUS U47 notebook laptop is based on the processor Intel Ivy Bridge, and is available in two major hardware modifications: U47A with integrated graphics Intel HD Graphics 4000 and U47VC with a discrete graphics card NVIDIA GeForce G 620M (Fermi).

It seems very good results in testing the system performance. The battery life of the battery capacity of 66 Wh was 2:00 in the maximum load and 8 hours of reading, that’s just fine for a system based on a full-fledged processor with a TDP of 35W.
During operation, ASUS U47A liked for a small 14-inch size and weight of not more than 2 kg. We should also praise the practical matt finish plastic and aluminium, as well as high rigidity body.
Built-in requires less and less, but sometimes its presence can greatly help out. Add to list these advantages with a matte screen with high brightness, backlight keyboard, and excellent value for performance / endurance and get an almost perfect mobile workstation.


As a result, ASUS U47A – 14-inch laptop on the platform Intel Ivy Bridge without obvious defects in any of the categories of interest of potential buyers. Small size and weight, built-in drive, backlit keyboard and matte screen make this model a perfect solution for mobile users. At the recommended price of $ 995, this model is well worth.


+ Minimum for a 14-inch form factor size and weight
+ an excellent combination of performance and autonomy
+ comfortable keyboard with adjustable lighting
+ screen with a matte finish
+ built-in drive

– could be better in specs

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