ASUS X401U laptop with good chassis, but a wheezy engine: Review & Specs

This ASUS X401U 14-inch (35.5 cm) is not one of the devices from lightning war. Sold for 399 euros, it is well finished but shows a low battery backup.


Asus is fishing AMD components that are enough powerful but noisy ventilation changing the situation. Even at 399 euros, it meets the best competitors on the road.

The promise

The ASUS X401U WX025V is a notebook with an affordable 14-inch (35.5 cm diagonal). No Intel Pentium or Atom, but AMD E-450 is powering it. This chip used in regular netbooks 10.1 inch (25.6 cm) or 11.6 inches (29.4 cm). Hopefully it so well in a larger caliber machine!



This ASUS X401U laptop is available at very small price, sold for 399 euros, features a brilliant 14-inch screen, mounted on a frame while black and white plastic. Thick (3.5 cm), the machine accuses only 1.7 kg on the scale. The sleek finish, black and white, is successful. Here we simply essential. The black keyboard chiclet is quite noisy, and feel very “plastic”. The touchpad, meanwhile, is large enough and supports more fingers. The side of the connectivity, Asus plays again the map of effectiveness. There are two USB ports (one USB 2.0 and one USB 3.0), two video outputs (VGA and HDMI), a network socket and an audio jack combination mic and stereo output.
Configuration sluggish


The ASUS X401U screen displays a definition of 1366 x 768 pixels. It provides the correct brightness (228 cd / m²) and a contrast ratio of satisfying even surprising (974:1) for a machine at this price. However, the glossy coating of the display, generate reflections can be a disadvantage when working in parts or brightly lit places. Configuration, in turn, proves very powerful. It is calibrated for basic tasks like office, surfing the Internet, listening to music or watching videos – but not DVDs, lack of optical drive. The AMD E-450 and 4GB memory provide minimum service and sometimes cruelly lack of recovery. Graphics, an AMD Radeon HD 6320, does not spark (14 frames per second in games), except decompression of Full HD movies. Side storage, a 500GB drive home all the data, but alas poor performance displays. Finally, Asus has preinstalled software like CyberLink Media Suite, which house several utilities access to online storage service brand or Microsoft Office Starter 2010.

Insufficient battery backup, noisy ventilation

The consumption of this ASUS X401U laptop configuration, little swift is 16 watts in stand against almost 36 W at full load. Despite this low fuel consumption, the battery takes 2 hours 40 minutes of video playback. It is too little. In addition, the ventilation is not distinguished by its discretion. When you surf or you write a document nasal and perpetual noise is clearly audible, as if the fan turning all the time at full speed. Checking the meter, 36.2 dB noise was found, against 38.3 dB at full speed. This hyperactivity of the fan is annoying to the ears, but it cools the machine properly, not to exceed 37 ° C at the bottom.
The verdict

This Asus X401U costs only 399 euros and the price is … just. Modest performance, but usability correct: the ultraportable is saved by its screen. Mobility issue, however, is far from the Aspire Acer V5-171 , which for the same price, offers a more powerful configuration, much better battery life and more weight content. Our choice is clear about the Acer machine, ideal if you are looking for a small companion versatile travel.

This was all regarding the ASUS X401U 14inches laptop.

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