August 15, 2012: the day when no more Adobe Flash Player for any Android

Adobe confirms on his blog that from August 15 there will be no Flash player for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Flash will no longer be offered for download to Android devices, except those who have already installed.

Adobe had already announced in November 2011 off the Flash Player on mobiles, but this time Adobe has a date: it will be August 15, 2012. The American publisher has confirmed on his blog that the end of the Flash player for Android that will no longer be downloaded from the Google Store Play. Only devices that have the Flash player before the deadline can update their version. Adobe therefore advises all users who wish to have Flash on their machine can download and install if they don’t have it already.

In addition, Adobe also confirms that Android devices with Jelly Bean 4.1 will not support Adobe Flash player. The publisher recommends the same for owners of smartphones and tablets that will be updated to Android 4.1 uninstall Flash before switching to the new system: “Flash can cause unpredictable behaviour” to Android 4.1.

So, according to me if you have an Android smartphone or tablet then update your Adobe flash player to its latest version so that in future you would not say yourself “I should have done it before! Damn me!” In future if your phone or tablet going to receive Jelly Bean update then according to Google you have to remove the Adobe Flash Player before upgrading to Jelly Bean.

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