Beats will buy 25% of its shares from HTC

Last year, HTC has invested around $ 300 million into the company Beats Electronic, becoming the owner of 50% of the latter. This year, the Beats Electronics will return a portion of their securities back.

This was reported by the partners of the official press release. In particular, Beats redeem 25% of its own shares and, thus, increase its stake to 75%. HTC will have 25% of the Beats and the company will continue to cooperate further in the field of portable sound and original acoustic technology in smartphones. Taiwanese manufacturer will retain the exclusive right to use the Beats of use in their products, while the latter will have more freedom for their own development.
Above announced the official version of why HTC sells 25% stake in Beats, although it remains the largest third-party holder of the securities developer of acoustic technologies. Recall that at the beginning of cooperation partners smartphones HTC, were distributed under the brand Beats, staffed with a very high quality headphones, Beats by Dr. Dre. For example, among those we can remember Sensation XE. But this practice was discontinued in the current year.

Beats by Dr. Dre

In addition, the introduction of more specific Beats sound profile case and did not go, although it was expected the appearance of higher-quality speakers in HTC smartphones and other hardware developments in the field of sound. It is worth mentioning the financial difficulties of HTC, which also could lead to the sale of shares Beats.

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