BenQ GH700, a compact camera: Review, Specs & Features

BenQ is a Taiwanese brand well known for producing quality products at competitive prices, specializing in the niche “digital lifestyle”. With a name in the world of peripherals, monitors and projectors in the field of digital photography stands out for its line of pocket cameras at irresistible prices. The model at hand the BenQ GH700 is known for offering high-performance compact range by less than 200 Euros. Something very valuable in these times of crisis, today we have brought a review of this BenQ GH700 camera which will ensure you that this camera is a worth or not.

BenQ GH700 Camera

Specification of BenQ GH700 Camera:

Manufacturer: BenQ
Model: BenQ GH700
Price: 190 €.
Memory: 85 MB and accept memory cards.
Display: 3 inches
Connections: miniUSB, HDMI
Battery: 4 AA.
Zoom: 10x digital, Optical 21x.
Resolution: 16 MP.

The BenQ GH700 camera has a good looking, especially for its powerful 21x optical zoom. Among its main features, roughly, is the sensor 16 megapixel CMOS BSI, a wide angle lens of 25 mm and the option of recording video Full HD 1080p. It also has OIS image stabilization, macro mode 1 cm, technology HDR image enhancement III and different shooting bursts. The design, aggressive, seems more than its price indicates. Yes, the plastic materials are finished for improvement, but little more can we ask in this price range.

BenQ GH700 Camera

Takeing good pictures with the BenQ GH700 camera are not difficult, even without spending time in the manuals. This has a menu which is as basic as effective, ideal for those who want great pictures without complications. The menus are controlled by a wheel and buttons on the right side of a screen of 3 inches of good quality. It has 17 programmed modes such as portrait, night, macro, landscapes and museums etc.

The BenQ GH700 works well in low light. The GH700 has a BSI CMOS sensor and a scene mode for images in dark environments with which they get some very decent photos even when we take our zoom. The camera takes multiple exposures and combines them into one image so you always have the right lighting.

BenQ GH700 Camera

The BenQ GH700 camera also records full HD 1080p video at 60 frames per second with zoom and high quality surround sound. In addition, the GH700 has a function that reduces wind noise to prevent unwanted sounds appear on the recording. The GH700 also has a separate record button to start recording instantly. In the field of connections it offers a mini USB and a HDMI to connect directly to the TV.
This cost saving has been removed by the conventional battery 4 AA batteries, which for many is a nuisance but we always guaranteed to relocate the spare batteries-not remain suspended in mid-session. As storage system uses SD cards to complement the 85 Mbytes of standard offering.

In short, a camera recommended for users who do not want complications and find a device with HD video, good zoom and especially appetizing priced below 200 Euros. At online stores like Amazon can be found for much less. If you any query regarding BenQ GH700 camera feel free to ask.

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