BenQ Joybee GP2 Ultra Portable Mini Projector Specs and Review

If you’re looking at what mini projectors are available right now, the Joybee GP2 from BenQ will probably stand out and for good reason, since it’s the successor of the GP1, another model from this manufacturer that was very appreciated.

This mini projector is not only very portable, it’s also good looking. It will take the space of around 5 CD cases stacked on top of each other, with a weight of only 565 gr. Even though it’s a very small projector, the GP2 is still capable of displaying film at a resolution of 1280×800. The specs of this tiny projector include a contrast ratio of 2400 to 1, with a 200 lumen max brightness. The connectivity options are plenty as well, the projector offering USB, HDMI, DisplayLink, speakers and dock built-in for your iPod, a remote, plus a battery pack which is optional and gives you even more mobility.

The design of the Joybee GP2 is one of its strong points. It has a two tone finish, with white and black, glossy and looking absolutely great.

The projector has a card slot which accepts fully sized SDHC cards, while the competition generally comes with Micro SDHC slots. The projector’s left side has HDMI, microUSB, standard USB. If you want to play video content, you can use the standard USB port. As for the microUSB port, you can use it to connect your PC through it, by using the DisplayLink technology.

benq-Joybee-GP2The included dock which can be used with an iPhone or iPod can be used to charge the device as well. There are quite a few monitors that don’t have as many connections as this small projector.

If you use it as your own media player, you will find that this model will handle most types of files and that you can play them from the internal memory of 2GB, from an SD card or from a USB memory stick.

The quality of the sound is not that great and you shouldn’t expect much from them, especially since they’re 2W models. You can use it well enough if you have a presentation, but it’s highly recommended to get either headphones or external speakers.

This small projector does a lot of things, but none of them very well. Since it’s so small and priced well, the fact that it’s versatile is quite unexpected. Even though it does have flaws, none of them are huge, so overall I’d recommend this model.

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