BenQ W1080ST DLP Projector Specs and Review

One of the affordable projectors designed with the home use in mind is BenQ W1080ST, a DLP model with Full HD resolution and 3D, which gives you both 3D and 2D videos at very good quality and with big images, something that remains true even if the projector is kept quite close to your screen.

This company is quite popular with the home theater projectors that they’ve been releasing and they did an even better job with the W1080ST, a model which seems to be ahead of what the competition has to offer right now.

While its specs are quite good on their own and worthy of praise, what really gets us going is the short throw technology, which means that the projector doesn’t need to be placed at a long distance from the projection area in order to give you a proper image. It can be kept quite close to it actually, and you will still get a great quality image.

Most projectors will need around 2 ft of distance from the screen to the device, for one ft of width for the screen. What that means is that if you have a 65 inch projection screen, you need to place a regular projector device at 11 ft in order to get it to work properly. That kind of distance is not something that all rooms can offer, so if you want a big screen, you need a big room. That’s why W1080ST from BenQ is such a good idea, you can use it in very small rooms. Instead of needing 11 ft, this model only needs 3 ft in order to show an image on a 65 inch screen. If you have a small house, classroom, office or an advertising booth, you should definitely consider this model.

benq_w1080stFortunately, this model has other advantages, not only its short throw capability. It will deliver very good image quality and it has a number of features which you usually find in models that are more expensive.


  • 2000 lumens
  • Contrast ratio: 10,000 to 1
  • 1080p resolution
  • Short Throw DLP technology

BenQ W1080ST comes with support for a number of 3D devices, including NVIDIA 3DTV, HDMI, games, Blu-Ray and so on. You can get this projector hooked up to a PC if you want to and you can enjoy movies and games on a big screen.

Overall, this projector is definitely one we would recommend for home theaters.

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