Best Electric Coil Cooktop (2022 Review Guide)


Best Electric Coil Cooktop

One of the most underrated cooktops that people tend to overlook when shopping is the electric coil cooktop. These electric coil cooktops are made of solid metal coil elements. When the recorder is turned on, the electricity flows through the solid metal coil spiral and heats the burner to the desired temperature. This wire is sturdy and durable, making it a clear choice for anyone looking to get the most life out of their electric coil cooktop. Most cooktops have exposed burners that are made up of wells and heating elements that can be replaced as they go bad.

Electric coil cooktops heat better and faster than most other cooktops for only a fraction of the price. Electric coil cooktops are affordable and practical for anyone looking for a dependable and reliable cooking temperature all of the time.

Most pots and pans work well with the design of the electric coil cooktop. For the models we compared, they rated high in the ability to keep the cooktop clean, the speed of heating up to the set temperature, and the most bang for your buck.

Top 5 Best Electric Coil Cooktops

1. Summit CR2B122 Electric Coil Cooktop

This is an innovative double range electric coil cooktop. It can be mounted in portrait or landscape style to meet your design needs. Similarly, this electric coil cooktop has a sleek design with a metallic stainless steel finish.

 2. Summit ZEL03 24 Inch Wide 4 Burner Electric Cooktop

Summits underlying electric cooktops offer quality heating at an extraordinary price, with a scope of sizes and styles to suit your kitchen needs. The ZEL03 is a 24″ wide cooktop designed to fit 22 5/8″ wide x 18 5/8″deep cutouts. I would recommend this product because it has a sleek chrome finish and 4 electric burners.

 3. Summit Appliance WEL03 Electric Cooktop, White

Coming in at number three on our list is another quality electric coil cooktop from Summit. This four burner cooktop offers many different features compared to others in its class including a red light indicating whether one of the burners is on. The adjustable temperature knobs make heating and cooking a breeze. Compared to other models, this one ranks lower in ease of cleanability but it is still a solid choice for anyone looking for a durable electric coil cooktop.

 4. Summit Appliance CCE226BL Electric Coil Cooktop

Another small space choice by Summit ranks number four on our list. This simple, no frills electric coil cooktop is perfect for any small kitchen space. This model heated well compared to others in its class and provided an even cooking temperature on many different types of pans.

 5. Cadco CSR-3T Countertop Hi-Power Single 120-Volt Hot Plate 

Small but mighty, one might call this electric coil cooktop. This model tested well and beat out most other competitors we looked at. No frills and sturdy construction make this cooktop a great choice for someone looking for a small and dependable electric coil cooktop. Ideal for campers and small studio apartment kitchens.

FAQ Section:

What type of cooktops should I choose? Ceramic or Electric Coil Cooktop?

Ceramic and electric coil cooktops have a number of significant differences in handling, daily use, and cleaning. Contingent upon the necessities of your way of life and your style inclinations, one can accommodate your kitchen better than the other.

How Do I clean the Electric Coil Cooktops?

Electric coil cooktops can be effortlessly cleaned utilizing customary kitchen cleaning gear and a wipe. Depending upon the kind of cooktop surface you have, you may require an industrially accessible steel cleaner.

The ceramic surface requires a very careful cleaning method. Use a soft abrasive ceramic surface cleaner and a soft cloth to maintain the surface of your ceramic device. Proper cleaning and care is key to maximizing the life of the cooktop.

What Cookware do you recommend using with Electric Coil Cooktops?

Most manufacturers recommend heavy duty stainless steel or hard anodized cookware for the best cooking results. A drawback of electric coil cooktops with cookware is that it has the potential of scratching certain types of pots and pans. The safest way to adjust a pan when cooking on an electric coil cooktop is to lift the pan fully before moving.

What about Surface Durability and Appearance?

Electric coil cooktops are tougher than ceramic surfaces. For instance, you can place cast iron pans on the electric coil cooktop without scratching or harming the cooktop. In the event that you put the pack on the ceramic surface, it can scratch or potentially harm the top.


We tested several electric coil cooktops to find the best quality products for your kitchen. It is a great idea to invest in an electric coil cooktop because they will last for a long time & they are great at distributing heat among different pans. Overall, I would recommend exploring these options to find the products that work for you.

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