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With a garage parking sensor, you can avoid scratching or damaging your car in the garage. When you purchase another expensive car, you want to make sure you have precautions in place to avoid damages. In any case, you want something to let you know when to stop pulling in to your garage. Garage Parking Sensors that detect your car and signal where to park are a fantastic solution to an everyday problem.

How Does A Garage Parking Sensor Work?

Before we show you our favorite parking sensors, we want to explain how they work. The best garage parking sensors shoot a little beam of light towards a certain spot in the garage. As you pull in slowly, the beam of light will work its way up to the dashboard of your car which alerts you that you should stop pulling forward.

I have a attached a review video which explains how a garage parking sensor works!

Top Selected Garage Parking Sensors

1. MAXSA Park Right Garage Laser Park

2. Park Zone PZ-1600 Precision Parking Aid

3. Park-Daddy Precision Garage Parking System

1. MAXSA Park Right Garage Laser Park

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The Maxsa Garage Laser Park mounts on the garage ceiling over the front windshield of your vehicle. When the unit is mounted, you should find the optimal spot to leave your car in the garage. Next, you should get on a ladder to adjust one of the double lasers to hit a memorable spot in your vehicle. This spot may be a small area of you dashboard, a handle, a dial, or whatever other spot you pick. When the laser is set to an inside spot, you are done. The next time you pull into the garage, you can adjust your parking so that the laser aligns with the spot you picked. 

On the off chance that you are somewhat confused, watch the video above to see a fantastic instructional exercise on how to use the laser parking system.


  • Simple to use and easy to set up mounting section and mounting equipment
  • The laser works great in a wide range and in dimly lit conditions.
  • Comes with a simple to follow instruction manual


  • Limited adjustment angles


  • Class IIIA red laser
  • Automatic turn off of laser when not in use
  • Dual lasers for 2 car usage
  • 6V AC Adapter
  • 3 AA batteries required for power outage backup (batteries not included)

2. Measurement Limited Park Zone PZ-1900 Platinum Dual Power Garage Parking Aid

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The Park Zone Parking Aid works great and allows you to park your vehicle in the same spot each time. The unit runs off of 4 AA batteries (sold independently), so there is no compelling reason to stress over plugging it into a nearby outlet. You mount the sensor unit (left side unit in the above picture) at vehicle fender/bumper level on the wall in front of your car in the garage. Over the sensor unit, you mount the traffic light marker so you can see it from the drivers seat. Then, plug in and attach the form cord between the two units and the installation is finished.

Next, park your vehicle in your ideal spot/area, get out of the car, and turn on the sensor to calibrate the unit. The Park Zone Parking Aid is then all set.

The unit comes furnished with red, yellow, and green lights on the marker. At the point when you first beginning moving forward in the garage, a green light will be shown. As you draw nearer to the unit the light will change from green to yellow to show you are approaching your adjusted parking space. As you gradually push ahead, the light will go to red once you get to the stopping area that you set.

The video below gives a pleasant review on how the Park Zone Parking Aid works. I adjusted the video so you can see how he calibrates it and how the system works. If you go with this product, I recommend watching the full video for installation instructions.

  • Ultrasonic Technology
  • Great product for visual learners
  • Super easy calibration


  • Relatively difficult installation process. May need to place it on a nail in the drywall.


  • 4 screw installation
  • Battery operation on 3 AA batteries (sold separately)
  • Auto on/off
  • Sensor range: 1’4″ to 16′

3. Park-Daddy PDY-50-AA Single-Vehicle Precision Garage Parking System

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You can see from the image above that this Park-Daddy system accompanies two infrared head units. You place the units opposite one another on the garage walls to make an undetectable infrared beam in the middle of the units. The RF radio beneficiary (the littlest thing picture above) connects to the vehicles cigarette lighter to power it. When your vehicle blocks the infrared bar, the the receiver will produce a red light and a continuous buzzing noise. Once the vehicle is clear of the beam, a green light will display on the units to indicate the car is in the clear or ready to be parked.

The units can be mounted with screws (included) or with strip off mounting tape that is on the rear of every unit. The beneath video gives a showing on the fact that it is so natural to mount the units. Many people can install it in under 10 minutes.


  • No wiring required
  • Battery operated using 4 D batteries (not included)
  • Operational with one vehicle only (two vehicle model sold here)


  • Designed for 2-car garage
  • Easy installation with all mounting hardware in the package
  • Invisible infrared beams


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