BlackBerry 10 L Vs iPhone 5

Following the official announcement of the release date of the BlackBerry 10 OS and smartphones of RIM’s platform, comes the first image which claims to be the future BlackBerry 10 L (‘London’), faced in external appearance to Apple iPhone 5.

BlackBerry 10 L

As you can see in the, the BlackBerry 10 L have dimensions very similar in height to the iPhone 5 and would be somewhat wider, with some resemblance to the Droid X/X2.
BlackBerry 10 L Vs iPhone in Display
As per the information, BlackBerry 10 L comes with 4.2 inches and 1280 x 768 pixel resolutions resulting in the pixel density of density of 355 ppi. Its thickness of 9 mm would exceed the 7.6 mm of the iPhone 5.

In addition to this series L, remember that RIM will market the N series with classic signature QWERTY keyboard.

In performance, already iPhone 5 has broken many records but nothing can be confirmed for BlackBerry 10 L smartphone that will be featuring dual-core processor, 1GB RAM as per the rumor.

In our thinking, BlackBerry 10 L would not cross the standard of iPhone 5, but if BlackBerry has stuffed something different in its upcoming smartphone then face will be different, but according the past performance BlackBerry OS is not loved as iOS, but BB 10 OS may bring changes but expectations are not as for the flexibility as iOS or Android.

So, in the race of BlackBerry 10 L and iPhone 5, Apple latest generation smartphone seems to be verdict, but things may change so easily, competition is not going to end easily, so stay tuned for more updates and official announcement of BlackBerry in Jan 2013.

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