Blackberry Android smartphones are coming to market?

QWERTY keyboards smartphone manufacturer like the Blackberry have got popularity all around the globe. On other hand, QWERTY Android smartphones in the market are improving day by day and new QWERTY Android smartphones hitting the market every month.

BlackBerry Android smartphones

Manufacturers have made an attempt to adapt this type of keyboards on their devices but RIM’s reign in this sector and the great difficulty of adapting Android to the screen size makes these devices an idea almost impossible, but still Google wants Android phones with QWERTY keyboards. Thus, Google has been the first to open the door to RIM, the leading company in devices with QWERTY keyboards and Matias Duarte says so: “If RIM wants to work with Android, we would be delighted. It further states that they are clearly large devices with physical keyboards.” Do you think these all things directly talk about future BlackBerry Android Smartphones?

This lets us see that the mobile sector with a QWERTY keyboard is a market where Google wants to get to Android, including the first Android smartphone to be made and leaked a few months ago, had a QWERTY keyboard.

Google has two ways to reach that market, or wait for Blackberry comes to a bad situation and make use of Android, or put pressure on manufacturers to make more efforts to launch devices with QWERTY keyboard because, if they did things in terms, Android could become a real destroyer of RIM thanks to all that has generated around.

Motorola tries the Defy Pro

Following in the footsteps of the Galaxy Pro, HTC and other Chachacha, Motorola has also ventured into these devices with Android and introduced the Defy Pro, a device with QWERTY keyboard, 2.7 inch screen, 5 megapixel cameras, 2 GB of internal memory etc.
What appeals most to the purchase of this device is that it is waterproof and shockproof, thanks to technologies such as Gorilla Glass. This Defy Pro follows the same path as other families like the Defy and Motorola Razr. At first glance, the Motorola terminal is pretty good but the market for devices with QWERTY keyboard is really dominated by Blackberry, which has a very loyal users and do not change for any other smartphone.

The truth is that if Android would also reach these devices should adapt Android to these screens and at the same time, manufacturers are serious about these devices because all Android phones with QWERTY keyboards have specifications and screen resolutions very low, which offer an experience not too good, like those offered by other smartphones.

Blackberry with Android, does the most effective solution? – BlackBerry Android smartphones

The truth is that for the time period Blackberry is having a very bad time, with many redundancies and major loss of money. However, do not lose hope to succeed with its new platform BB10. However, I doubt they get back all if they will have Android platform.

I think Blackberry should reach an agreement with Google to incorporate Android on their handsets. They would have many benefits and services to offer to their customers, they attach to their own experience greatly increase Blackberry. Will we see someday RIM device running the Android OS? Let’s wait to find out. In addition, Google has taken the first step and has opened the doors to the RIM guys so everything is up to them.

We can see the BlackBerry Android smartphones in future, but we can’t expect them at the end of 2012.

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