BQ Tesla tablet with Ice Cream Sandwich: Review and Specs

BQ has included another tablet in the market, and this new tablet is BQ Tesla tablet which comes with IPS screen and Android version 4.0.

BQ Tesla tablet

The BQ Tesla tablet is a manufactured by a Spanish company which has implemented an IPS screen with multi-touch capacitive 9.7-inch, Android 4.0 ICS. The new BQ tablet does not have any buttons and relies on the capabilities of the screen and comes with the latest version of Google’s operating system (ICS).

BQ Tesla tablet screen offers a view up to 178 degrees, with 5 points touch simultaneous detection and resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels. With dimensions of 187 x 241 x 9.5 mm and a weight of 596 grams presents an aspect ratio of 4:3.

The BQ Tesla tablet comes with the latest update of Google’s operating system, Ice Cream Sandwich and has a 1GB RAM and single core 1 GHz Cortex A8 processor.

It also has MicroUSB OTG 2.0 connection with which we can connect a mouse, keyboard, flash drive or an external hard drive, making it an option to consider. In addition, through the HDMI output you can get “Full HD” while connecting to a computer screen or TV and enjoy high performance. It has a microSD expansion slot up to 32 GB, and a digital video output 1080p, accelerometer, WiFi 902.11 b / g / n front chamber.

What I missed most in this BQ Tesla tablet is the lack of rear camera, which limits the use of photography apps.

Main features

With Android 4.0 ICS, BQ Tesla tablet has a new interface that is spectacular and more effective, more intuitive, with applications and folders easily searchable and manageable, with a tabbed browser and news on the keyboard, typography, or camera.

Faster and higher performance comes as output with its 1 GB of RAM, the BQ Tesla is much faster. And you can save up to 16 GB of internal memory and can be expandable to 32 GB micro-SD card.

As we have mentioned earlier it has got IPS screen and this type of screen offers a perfect view, 9.7-inch capacitive multi touch screen with five IPS detection points simultaneously. Thanks to its IPS technology, BQ Tesla tablet screen provides a comprehensive view from any position, horizontal or vertical, to 178 degrees.

Moreover it is incredibly light weighs only 596g for the size it is, compared to other tablets and weighs considerably less. It has a thickness of 9.5 mm. It has a battery of 6000 mAh.

Full HD HDMI output and OTG, through its Full HD HDMI output you can connect BQ Tesla tablet to a computer screen or TV to play movies, videos, personal recordings with breathtaking image quality. And through its mini-USB OTG output you can connect a keyboard, a hard drive or mouse.

In short, this BQ Tesla tablet which goes on sale for 219 euros, a very good price for everything it offers. It was all regarding the BQ Tesla a perfect tablet in this range of price.

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