Brandt B3914 39inches TV: Review, Specs & Features

Brandt, now a brand that can be reassuring. Yet today it no longer has much to do with the French company founded in the mid-1920s by Edgar Brandt and nationalized in the early 1980s under the name of Thomson-Brandt. Recently, Brandt has revealed a TV from i.e. Brandt B3914 39inches TV for 449 Euros.

Brandt B3914 39inches TV

39 inches display and connectivity

The Brandt B3914 39inches TV is TV with LED backlighting by 39 inches diagonally, a size that is only beginning to see flourish in store this year. It is HDTV 1080p displays a contrast ratio of 1000:1 a (dynamic mode) and has a USB port allowing both reading media files and recording Freeview programs on external hard drive.

Brandt B3914 39inches TV connectors

In Brandt B3914 39inches TV Connectivity specs, there are two HDMI inputs, PC input, a YUV input, a SCART (via adapter), audio input, Composite Video input and a slot CI +.

Ideal TV

No online service so no WiFi, no 3D, not video processing shock. This TV Brandt relies on its simplicity and its low price to deceive. Moved to 449 Euros, it is cheaper than most 37-inch and even some 32 inches. This is the kind of small investment to equip a perfect holiday home or a second room TV in the house.

The price
The size
The Full HD
The USB port

The basic functions

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