Breaking the shackle: BBM on Androids and Apple

So far only the Blackberry users used to get the advantage of the Blackberry’s Operating system and the Blackberry Messanger (BBM). Blackberry has ruled the world for so many years. However, now Apple and Android users will also be able to take advantage of BBM. So there is a possibility of people reducing their dependency on WhatsApp and iMessage. Nevertheless the cross functional technology could start new era in the smartphone arena.

BBM Chat on APple

BBM is the only messaging system which helps you share the screen with other users. This facility is still not available with WhatsApp or any other messaging system. Additionally you will also get to use video chat, voice chat with the messaging system.

Currently there are more than 6 million people connected using this technology. About 100 million messages flows using this media. Out of these 50% of the message get read within 20 seconds immediately after receiving them. Fast messaging was the key to the success of Blackberry. Now Apple iOS and Android users will also be able to take advantage of it. Using the Blackberry Messanger you will be able to send and receive messages instantly, chat with multiple people at the same time and can use Whats not sharing very easily. Also you can share calendar, photos, files etc to as many as 30 people by creating Blackberry group. For now, iOS 6 and Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sand witch) or later versions will be able to take advantage of the messaging system.

BBM on Apple

Applications like WhatsApp, Nimbooz, iMessage and similar message systems are made available on almost all smartphones. However, since BBM was accessible to only Blackberry user, it was causing lot of inconvenience. Apple and Android user’s were desperately waiting for BBM to be made available for them. It is now coming into reality however what is Blackberry’s plan for users still for Windows and Symbian users is not clear.

Blackberry is also planning to bring voice, video chat and BBM channel for Apple and Android user’s by the end of this year. The only hurdle is the restrictions from Google and Apple. If both Google and Apple take away all the restrictions and make messaging systemavailable on their appstore, the users will be able to take advantage of the new messaging system.

There is news that the Blackberry may charge for this facility. There is reason why Blackberry would want to make BBM available on Andriod and Apple. The user base on BBM is reducing considerably. With the Black Berry Messaging coming on other smartphones Blackberry thinks that it will regain the user base that it had earlier.

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