Broadcom introduced a fifth-generation SoC supports Wi-Fi 802.11ac

Approved in October last year, a standard Wi-Fi 802.11ac quickly finds its way into consumer devices through the efforts of Broadcom. In particular, the company introduced a new SoC to support this technology, although its mass production has not yet started.

Broadcom BCM4335 Wi-Fi 802.11ac

The new technology will not only twice as high in real-world operating conditions, data rate, but also six times the energy savings in the transmission of an identical amount of information. Thus, SoC Broadcom, code-named Broadcom BCM4335, will be very useful components for future portable devices.
The chip is created using 40 nm CMOS process technology, and contains all the necessary blocks Wi-Fi, including MAC, PHY and RF, is backward-compatible with the frequencies 802.11 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, plus supports FM and Bluetooth 4.0. In addition, it is designed to be used in conjunction with 4G LTE modules and will not create excessive noise. At the moment, Broadcom offers a sampled Broadcom BCM4335, respectively, do not wait for this SoC products in the current year, but in 2013 the chip will find its way to them. For example, the new iPad used predecessor, Broadcom BCM4330. It is possible that in future portable devices, like Apple iPad 4 will use Broadcom BCM4335.

Broadcom believes that by 2016 the standard Wi-Fi 802.11ac will become ubiquitous.


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