Buy Nexus 4 in India price starting @22K

Google LG Nexus 4 is ready to break the records and even it has started breaking the records after the release of this massive smartphone. Google & LG has integrated the power in this smartphone and most interesting is the price of this smartphone; many of you must be looking to Buy Nexus 4 in India.

Buy Nexus 4 in India

If you are looking to Buy Nexus 4 in India, then we have news for you, one is bad and one is good. The good news is that you can Buy Nexus 4 in India but the bad news is “not on official price”.


It was clear that with a price so sweet, the new Google smartphone was going to raze just be sold, as it has been. Now, with the stock exhaust, some early buyers are making a killing on eBay.


In half an hour from its release, the Nexus 4 had depleted stocks. Is it about selling a high-end phone, fresh out of the oven and with the band of the last great object of desire of Android-degree panorama is to snatch the Samsung Galaxy S III, is what is rampant tech world, at a starting price of 299 euros.


After all the stock, the first announcements were left resale see on eBay, with auctions starting at twice its original price -most-, and from there up. In fact, no one expects to place the device up to three times its value.


Meanwhile, Google is expected to bring new units as soon as possible, because the demand is crazy. Well, on few of the sellers are selling LG Nexus 4 on affordable prices starting at 22,000 INR. In my thinking the price is pretty good. But it is the pre order price; those people also don’t have the stock. So, you have to wait.


Well, you can leave a comment below on this article if you want to Buy Nexus 4 in India, many of the sellers are following us, they might contact you if you will be interested, please mention your only email ID in the format of “abcde [@] email [.] com” (for preventing from spam) and your location in India.

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