Camera phone Nokia Lumia 1020 – Release Date & Price Explored

The Nokia Lumia series has been able to win a lot of popularity with the superior specifications of its smartphones. New details about the future of camera phone Nokia Lumia 1020 were exposed online, pictures of which have often been shown on the Internet earlier, including the press photo.

Camera phone Nokia Lumia 1020 - Release Date & Price Explored

Today, even before the official announcement of the device, which will be held on July 11, the media reported on the date of its release to the market and even the cost. Fans are already wondering about the preorder details, contracts and pricing of the device.

Thanks to the screenshot and the official document from Microsoft, we have learned that the smartphone Nokia 1020, formerly known under the code name “EOS”, will get a price tag of $602 and will be available in three colors – yellow, red and black. The showcase of the smartphone begins on July 22, and its sales will start in the first week of August.

More details on Nokia Lumia 1020 will be available in a couple of days at its official presentation.

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