Canon EOS M, the smaller EOS: Overview

With the Canon EOS M, Canon has entered fully into the battle of advanced compact cameras EOS incorporating a small family “mirrorless” with interchangeable lenses and ability to mount via adapter full range of objectives compatible with the EOS system (over 60 Canon model). It is unknown if this adapter will now use the large amount of compatible lenses from several manufacturers.

Canon EOS M
Canon EOS M characteristics:

Manufacturer: Canon
Model: EOS M
Price: from $ 800
Memory: SD, SDHC or SDXC (UHS-I)
Sensor: 18 Megapixel APS-C CMOS hybrid
Processor: DIGIC 5 of 14 bits
Sensitivity: ISO 100 to 12,800 (expandable to 25,600)
Connections: HDMI, microphone, USB
Size: 108.6 x 66.5 x 32.3 mm.
Weight: only 298 grams with battery and card body.

The Canon EOS M appears in a market where several manufacturers have long been making proposals intermediate between the most powerful compact cameras and digital SLRs. Both Sony with the NEX series, such as Panasonic (the pioneer) with its Lumix DMC even Samsung with its NX model are what you will find the EOS M in the market.

Canon Eos M includes micro four thirds sensor larger than many of its competitors (22.3 x 14.9 mm), Digic processor 5 and their undoubted expertise in broadcast lens manufacture. The price as usual not one of its strengths. Yes it will be your palette as it is available in black, white, and silver or red.

Canon EOS M

The kit with 18-55 lens will cost about $ 850 while the kit in order to “pancake” of 22 mm will remain at about 800 while the adapter lens reflex EOS range cost around 180 euros. Also provide a kit with two basic goals and another with 22 mm and the EF adapter.

The first thing that catches the attention of the Canon EOS M is its ergonomic design and easy. Despite the compact is not given to details such as the soft curvature of space for the fire button or the shape of the spreader control. Everything has been simplified and reduced to a minimum, even the dial to select exposure modes reduced to three positions.
The remaining shares are held on the generous 3-inch touch screen. This is a screen unarticulated but very good quality with menus really easy and accessible without taking away creative possibilities for the fans with more knowledge, but without renouncing to not offer such features to the least understood public as intelligent automatic scene modes.

To simplify the design even s and has given up on the camera to incorporate a flash. In any case find a shoe compatible with any flash for the EOS range and is provided at no cost a 90 EX Speedlite.

It is possible to observe the generous four thirds sensor and mount the new lens called EF-M. Canon makes clear that lenses designed for the new small EOS will follow the tradition of quality EF lenses of its older sisters.

In action the Canon EOS M is really effective. You will be struck by the incorporation of a hybrid focusing system pretty quickly. Also in the video footage we can benefit from a continuous focus system.

In the absence of more in-depth testing, the EOS M we found very handy and easy to use. It can be a highly versatile camera with its adapter for EF lenses and could become a useful tool even for professional photographers to use as “weapons” EOS range.

But we believe that the purpose of Canon will be mainly amateur search for “something more” than a compact, and in this sense the simplicity and on the other hand the image quality that can provide the combination of sensor, Digic processor and Canon lenses can be a very important factor. If you have any query regarding this Canon EOS M camera then feel free to ask.

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