Canopy Sensus cover turns an iPhone into a game console

Modern smartphones are often used for games. However, unlike the portable game consoles, they have no special controls. This approach causes some inconvenience but here is the solution Canopy Sensus.

Canopy Sensus

For overcoming this situation company Canopy has brought something to us. It has developed a special cover for smartphones, which allows you to turn the back of the smartphone’s touch, like a console Sony PlayStation Vita. This case, called Canopy Sensus, designed to work with smartphones Apple iPhone. It contains a capacitive touch surface on the back, through which the user can control. This sensor can be used not only to control the games, but when working with documents, web sites, navigation services. In addition, the cover has increased the edge to the right, which prevents accidental pressing.

Canopy Sensus
Unfortunately, the developer did not say when the Canopy Sensus will reach to the market and what will be its cost. But the corresponding SDK available to developers in the near future, so stay tuned for more updates regarding this wonderful cover Canopy Sensus which would be used to converting your phone into gaming console.

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