Cheetah robot that runs faster than man

The video that accompanies this picture you can see the impressive progress of robotics engineers at Boston Dynamics supported by DARPA have built a robot that reaches 45 miles per hour, faster than the world’s fastest man: Usain Bolt. Exciting and scary, almost equally.

Cheetah robot
This fast running robot is named as Cheetah, in Hindi language which is native language of India, Cheetah refers to tiger which is fastest animal on earth so now it turns to Cheetah robots which has achieved the outstanding speed of running which crosses the fastest man on the earth who s Usain Bolt. What we can say regarding this Cheetah robot is that, it is a good achievement by Boston Dynamics and the engineers who has made it. Well, if you think where you can use this robot then you may be confused in thinking, Yes Where? Well drop your thoughts it’s the beginning Engineers have planned something different regarding Cheetah robot and its upcoming versions which will be integrated to other fast robotic system.

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