CM Storm Quick Fire Pro Gaming Keyboard: Review & Specs

Cooler Master reserves its series CM Storm products specially designed for gaming end. Made of high quality materials, designed to withstand long sessions of play and endowed with latest technology, these peripherals are developed with the advice of the best players in the world. The keyboard CM Storm Quick Fire Pro analyzed below is a good example of the degree of expertise required to succeed in the niche gamer.

CM Storm Quick Fire Pro

Technical Specs:

• Manufacturer: Cooler Master
• Keyboard Cherry MX mechanical switches
• USB 2.0
• Multimedia Keys
• Customizable Backlighting
• 1000HZ/1ms response time
• Price 90 euros

The first thing that strikes the CM Storm Quick Fire Pro are its imposing aesthetic image and robust to gross you are polling is far from being mere artifact advertising. In the kit, Cooler Master includes a USB cable and black nylon mesh with gold plated connections, a quick guide and an interesting tool to extract the keys in a simple and safe (very handy when doing a thorough cleaning the peripheral).

CM Storm Quick Fire Pro

It is likely that the first few minutes with the CM Storm Quick Fire Pro not you are comfortable: high profile (for some users will be even too much), extreme sensitivity to small noise pulses and its classical mechanical system moves away from the usual scenario we are used to. From the minute one becomes clear that the CM Storm Quick Fire Pro is designed for and play, yet offers customization options for use in other environments without further problem that the time it takes us to adapt to its quirks.

Mechanical precision that will help you to win

Most veterans remember those mechanical keyboards virtually unbreakable and devilish response speed. Although the consumer market backed the type chiclet, to play there is nothing more accurate than mechanical switches. The CM Storm Quick Fire Pro analyzed chooses one of the best on the market, the Cherry MX Red , offering classic sensations and a tour calibrated with care (2 to 4 mm.)

The new Cooler Master keyboard stands out well on most keyboards, gaming, showing extreme sensitivity to the slightest touch can help to make a difference in the frenetic combat that live in the FPS, for example. Guaranteed to over 50 million keystrokes, is more than likely to change team repeatedly ask before buying a new keyboard.

CM Storm Quick Fire Pro

The backlight system of keyboard (customizable) is of great quality and looks good even in a bright room. Details such as the inclusion of programmable multimedia keys, automatic deactivation of the Windows key when we’re playing, support for up to six keystrokes without locks or the ability to change the speed of response with just one touch make the CM Storm Quick Fire Pro in team to beat in the segment gaming.

The CM Storm Quick Fire Pro is the result of the combination of the best technology and the passion of those who enjoy gaming. Undoubtedly, this is the best keyboard for gamers. One of the best on the market. The 90 euros it costs to be fully justified to use it whenever we go into the wild and we want a peripheral that last for years with little maintenance.

Few drawbacks can make as complete a product. Maybe we would have liked to find more opportunities for height adjustment (pins fixed up the keyboard almost an inch) and any additional USB integrated. You can also throw in some users lack dedicated macro keys and more customization options, but they are trifles seem accurate after enjoying almost unheard of in these times. Product outstanding we recommend for users looking for the best. This was all regarding CM Storm Quick Fire Pro Keyboard, if you have any query then feel free to ask.

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