Complete Review of Monitor LG IPS234T

The new line of monitors, LG IPS4 replaced quite successful IPS5. LG has consistently moving in the direction of decreasing atomic number – first was a series of IPS6, last year there was the fifth line, and now – the fourth. Omit the reflections on how the company will go out of the situation in 3 years, and consider the model of LG IPS234T closer. Today, I have brought the review of LG IPS23.



Externally, LG IPS234T very similar to the above-mentioned IPS235V – minor differences in design. It seems like it have a metal box with a “metal effect” around the screen was replaced with a glossy, flat surface of the base now, and the shape of the base is like trapezoid. The monitor itself has become much thinner, only the central part of the back has a small bulge. However, with the jacks moved to the lower bound is closer to the center – and, like the recently TV LG M2352, all video inputs are arranged so that the cables will be connected to them at right angles to the body. Given the opportunity to mount the monitor on the wall (VESA 75 × 75).


Among other changes – modified block control keys. Now there are five rather than six (OSD processed at the same time, as in a moment), plus a small round buttons instead of using slightly larger in size rectangular, making them easier to click blindly. In order to improve the ergonomics of the LG IPS234T, manufacturer refused to indicate their minimalist arrangement does not speak bars – now click on each action is specified for which it is responsible. Transformed and the power button – if IPS235 it is no different from the control key (as an indicator of the located to the right of the button), but now it is made in the form of large transparent arch, which glows a bright red color (you can turn off the menu).


From the video input from LG IPS234T present only DVI and VGA – HDMI port is available for the other models in the same line, LG IPS234V.


LG IPS234T comes on the plastic latch attached to the stand – a metal screw (given the small weight of the monitor, this attachment is sufficient). The foot is fixed, allows only to change the angle of the monitor – no rotation around its axis or translation in the portrait mode is not here. In terms of sustainability as there are no revelations – even reverse the monitor for you and fails, but the screen stays “shaky”, noticeably swaying in response to pressing control buttons.



The model LG IPS234T uses IPS-matrix a diagonal 23″ display with a 16:9 aspect ratio and screen resolution of 1920 × 1080. Apparently, the model has a widescreen, i.e. 16:10, Left in the past.

The Menu button is abbreviated on-screen menu lets you adjust the brightness / contrast, adjust sharpness, RGB, gamma, hue and color saturation. Other settings are in a different menu, click the called Func. Here you can choose from four picture modes (or use your own), to include energy-saving system, adjust the two-monitor mode (requires special software). My key to the button can be assigned to quickly switch to one of the picture modes. They are 4 – Text, Photo, Cinema and Game. In all of them accessible only to adjust the brightness – settings such as gamma, color temperature, sharpness, etc., are displayed by default and is not amenable to change. In all modes, except for the text, a picture is too sharp, causing some artifacts (such as a slight glow around the black letters on a gray background).


In Photo mode the measurement results, frankly, somewhat discouraged – gamma value is around 2.3-2.4, which leads to over-contrast image, up to the loss of shadow detail (by the way, adjust the contrast in this mode cannot be the appropriate menu item is disabled), the schedule of the color temperature is a wave with a range from 6000K to the dark areas of up to 8300K – in the light. Plus, in this mode is too high color saturation, as a result of working with pictures in it is clearly not recommended. Cinema Mode for Photo differs slightly – in fact, only slightly lower value range that allows you to get a little more detail in dark areas of an image. The same can be said about the mode of Game – with the only difference being that in this case, the monitor displays a very cool picture (graph color temperature off scale, showing the performance of 8500K to 10500K). The other hand, in a mode of Text, to be surprisingly, LG IPS234T gives out the most accurate a picture. Thus, the color temperature it is set at 6300K, the value range – just below 2.2 in the dark areas and slightly higher – in the light. Overall, the picture quality looks, and that this mode can be recommended for everyday use, including for working with photos.


The value of the static contrast ratio of LG IPS234T as a matrix for IPS was very good – 920:1. The minimum brightness of this model is quite high – if this parameter is set to 0 the average value of brightness was 69 cd / m ². At the maximum level of the average brightness was 213 cd / m ², the uniformity of illumination at the same time – 95%, which is an excellent indicator (a little over a bright spot seen in the center and in the lower right corner, but the deviation from the average was very low, slightly more than 10 cd / m ²).


The screen surface matt, crystal effect is expected there, but is weak and unless specifically look closely, it is virtually unnoticeable. With the increase in the brightness of the viewing angle is markedly reduced, color is almost not affected (not counting the slight care in the blue purple). The effect of the emission at large angles of deviation are present, but very mild and is clearly visible only in the black areas with a high level of brightness.

LG IPS234T – the expected range of inexpensive monitors update the LG IPS-matrix. Slightly updated design but revised the menu – here, in fact, the main innovations in the line IPS4, marked the average user. The only thing that surprises in LG IPS234T – not the best graphics settings in the photo and video modes, but instead they can quite happily use the text mode, which, despite its name, differs sufficiently accurate parameters mode or Custom, in which the user has access to manual settings, so that it can adjust the image by itself.

Pros of LG IPS234T:
+ Good image quality in Text mode
+ Low cost

Cons of LG IPS234T:
– The foot could be functional
– Strange image adjustment modes Photo, Cinema and Game

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