Corsair Neutron Series and Neutron Series GTX SSD: Specs & Price

Corsair has introduced two series of productive SSD i.e. Corsair Neutron Series SSDs and Neutron Series GTX.

Corsair Neutron Series and Neutron Series GTX SSD


Devices in these Corsair Neutron Series and GTX series are made in the form factor 2.5-inch controller-based production company LM87800 Link_A_Media Devices. Both series include models with capacity 120 and 240 GB, and a series Neutron Series GTX further comprises a capacity of 480 GB. Neutron Series SSDs demonstrate a maximum read speed of data at 555 MB / s and a maximum write speed of 370 MB of data / s. The numbers of input-output operations per second when implementing random read is 90 thousand, and in the performance of random writes – 85 thousand in the same time drives in the series Neutron Series GTX are more productive solutions. In this case, the maximum read speed of information is the same 555 MB / s and write max increased to 500 MB / s. Number of IO operations per second, the implementation of random read and write operations declared at the same level of 90 thousand

Corsair Neutron Series and Neutron Series GTX SSD

New solid state drives Corsair Neutron Series and Neutron Series GTX are now on sale in certain regions under the following recommended retail prices:

Neutron Series 120 GB – $ 120;
Neutron Series 240 GB – $ 210;
Neutron Series GTX 120 GB – $ 140;
Neutron Series GTX 240 GB – $ 250.

Model Neutron Series GTX 480 GB capacity will be available later, the price has not been revealed.

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