Dell B2360dn Mono Laser Printer Specs and Review

The B2360dn from Dell is a mono laser printer which is the same as the B2360d model in almost all regards, but it has one extra feature, which is network support. While it might not seem like much, this extra option makes the model $60 more expensive and it’s definitely worth it. The cheaper version, which doesn’t have support for the network, is basically a home model which is capable of heavy duty work. The B2360dn however, is the right model for you if you need to use it in an office. The extra feature available on it is supported by an Ethernet connector, to which you can add WiFi for an additional $49. If you want to use it in a smaller office, this printer is ideal and can be shared by everyone working there.

While there are competitor printers available which will handle more paper, the model from Dell does quite well anyway and it’s good enough if you want to use it in a small office. It can do double sided printing thanks to the duplexer and it has a drawer which takes 250 sheets of paper, as well as a multi-purpose tray which will take an extra 50 sheets. If the 300 sheets capacity is insufficient for your needs, you can buy an additional tray, which can take another 550 sheets. With the upgrade, the printer can take up to 850 sheets of paper.

Dell-B2360dnThe printer measures 10.3 inches in height, 15.7 inches in width and 15 inches in depth, with a weight of 31.1 pounds. It might seem big if you’re used with mono printers designed for home use, but it’s actually a good size for a small office that needs a shared mono printer.

According to Dell, this model is capable of printing at a speed of 40 ppm (pages per minute).

As for the quality of the output, it’s a bit under the average, though it’s more than enough for the needs of a typical business. Unless you need very small fonts in your documents, the printer will do just fine for your business. As for the printed graphics, if you’re going to use them internally then it’s fine, but you might not want to give them to partners if you want to make a good impression.

Overall, even though the quality of the output is not as good as we want it to be, the printer is still a very good choice for most small offices that are looking for a mono printer.

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