Dell Vostro 3360 Notebook: Complete Review & Specs

Family of business laptops: Dell Vostro is familiar as office workers and for home users. Here we have brought one similar notebook from Dell Vostro Series i.e. 13-inch Dell Vostro 3360 on a platform of Intel Ivy Bridge.

Design, ergonomics

Dell Vostro 3360

Laptop Dell Vostro 3360 is made in the typical business models of Dell design, the main features of which are the original Y-shaped silhouette with a short cover and plastic edging front of the metal case. The thickness of this 13-inch laptop is less than 2 cm, which is in principle fit into the boundaries recommended for ultrabooks, but the weight of 1.67 kg significantly above the average for this class of indicators is 1.3-1.5 kg. Besides restful gray, there are more expressive bronze and red design options in this Dell Vostro 3360 laptop.
Dell Vostro 3360 comes with aluminium-finish with a pleasant touch matte finish and only the top of the present panel comes with soft plastic covering the antenna of wireless modules. Cover is much shorter than operating panel, with steel hinges display unit are not directed upwards, as usual, but in the direction of the front face. It is noteworthy that this design has not affected the maximum opening angle of the lid – it is wider than most custom models. Closing has the issue with the hinge and the cover note that it is easy to open with one hand; it will certainly appreciate the active mobile users.
As well as the cover, the base case of Dell Vostro 3360 is made of brushed aluminium base color (in this case, “silver”, but it might as well be the bottom of the bronze or red). They use non-removable battery, so the only manhole covers memory slot, and optional 3G-modem. Openings for air intake in the form of the original “perpendicular” pattern and additionally protected inside fine-mesh netting.


The front and back side of the casing of Dell Vostro 3360 is finished in dark gray soft plastic, but the sides almost are completely of metal. Placed behind the analog video output D-sub, the SIM-card and a Kensington lock hole. The front face contains four LEDs, spaced at the corners of stereo speakers and a wide groove for the convenience of disclosure laptop. The right side passed combined audio-port connector, USB 3.0, card reader and Ethernet port RJ45. On the left you can find the radiator grille of the cooling system, HDMI-out, a couple of USB 3.0 with the ability to charge peripherals in sleep mode and the charger jack. Note that all connectors laptop equipped with plastic inserts that protect the metal side of the casing from scratches when connecting cables and peripherals.
The Dell Vostro 3360 notebook is equipped with a typical 13-inch TN-matrix with a standard resolution and smaller angles. Matte finish copes with highlights, but reduces vibrancies image compared to the glossy versions. Dimming range extends from 15 to 160 cd / m2 in the range of 15 shades. Dell Vostro 3360 is made of practical soft dark gray plastic. Spill-resistant keyboard with well island type layout, concave keys and ergonomically perfectly matched tactile characteristics. Favourable impression spoils only glossy substrate and mirror-silver rim keyboard unit, not too relevant in the business model.

Dell Vostro 3360

Touchpad panel in Dell Vostro 3360 is smoother than the surrounding plastic surface. Two separate touchpad buttons with optimal size and soft click with exactly matched the original effort. In the bottom right of the operating panel placed a fingerprint reader, and over the keyboard, you can find three keys to start the service support centre, service panel settings and any application of your choice.

Functionality, operation

The catalog present dozens of configurations of laptop Dell Vostro 3360, which differ from one another generation hardware platform (Sandy or Ivy Bridge), the amount of RAM (4 GB or 6), the type and volume of data warehouse design and color.


Dell Vostro 3360 average configuration is based on efficient processor Intel Core i5-3427M integrated graphics Intel HD Graphics 4000 and equipped with 4 GB of RAM and hard drive to 320 GB. In this configuration the notebook scored 2650 points in the PCmark7, 1175 points in 3Dmark11 and 5.9 points in the performance index of Windows. 4-cell non-removable battery capacity of 49 Wh laptop worked exactly 2hours at maximum load, and 6 hours 15 minutes in the emulation mode of reading.
During the test operation found serious design flaws or errors in ergonomics of Dell Vostro 3360. Laptop hefty by the standards of ultrabooks, but the metal body has a high stiffness. All the main panel or matte finished softtach-plastic, so that the laptop is pleasant to touch and not have to frequently wipe off fingerprints. Liked the attention to detail, for example, the plastic protection plugs, concave keys and dedicated buttons momentary illumination.

From a hardware point of view, Dell Vostro 3360 has pleased balanced ratio performance / endurance, full set of connectors and optional 3G-module.


As a result, Dell Vostro 3360 – a reliable workhorse for users who wish to obtain sufficient performance while standalone laptop to work on the go.


+ Practical metal body with plastic trim
+ Full set of connectors
+ Comfortable keyboard and touchpad
+ 3G-existence modifications


– The quality of display
– Glossy substrate keyboard

This was all about the Dell Vostro 3360 laptop which could be perfect according to your need.


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