Dell will offer Windows 7, and after the release of Windows 8

Within 10 days, to be held the official release of the new operating system Microsoft Windows 8. Despite a number of implemented revolutionary changes in it (for example, CPU support ARM, the new interface, optimized to work), not everyone is excited by it. As a rule, most of the criticism is a new tile-style interface Windows 8 (formerly known as Metro).

Windows 8

As it became known, Dell decided to listen not only to praise the developers, but to critics. As a result, it will be after the release of Windows 8 to offer their customers computer systems with Windows 7. This is available for business-oriented field of notebooks and desktops Series Precision, Optiplex and Latitude. In addition, a division of Alienware, specializing in the production of computer gaming systems, as well as an option will offer the opportunity to install the OS Windows 7.

As stated by the Director of Dell Alison Gardner, are still transition business customers running Windows XP to Windows 7. For large companies the process of migrating from one OS to another is a difficult task. Despite the fact that Dell offers support to its customers, the process still requires planning and effort. As for Alienware, the company intends to offer customers exactly what they want, giving the right to choose the OS.

According to some experts after the release of Windows 8 will not experience a process of mass migration of users to the new OS. At least it is for computer devices lacking touchscreen. So, after release of Windows 8, Dell will offer Windows 7 devices.

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