Dell XPS 10 tablet with Windows RT: Specs & Features

At IFA 2012, while the Berlin Fair comes to a close we collect information and today we bring you more information regarding 10-inch tablet presented by Dell with Windows RT, in this case we are talking about Dell XPS 10.

Dell XPS 10

Dell XPS 10 is a model whose star is one of the newest processors from Qualcomm APQ8064 based on the ARM Cortex A15 with native quad-core processing and more powerful than those based on the Cortex A9 like Tegra 3.

Like most electronic tablets that are coming to market the Dell XPS 10 has a base that includes keyboard, energy charge and increased connectivity. We lack many details of this Dell tablet will come as the rest in late October but looks good.

Moreover, we have already bring you many information regarding this Windows RT tablet and if we look on the sales of tablet then we will find the higher sales was only for iOS (Apple) tablet and Android tablets but as Microsoft has brought something new with Windows 8 we can’t say that all users will accept this but Windows 8 is as much flexible as Windows 7 and at present Windows 7 is the most used OS. So, devices like Dell XPS 10 could make their own position in the future market, let’s wait and watch.

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