Dell XPS 13 with Ubuntu, launch imminent: Specs & Features

The head of the Sputnik project announced on Twitter the next release of the commercial version of the ultraportable Dell XPS 13 with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS installed.

XPS 13 with Ubuntu

“The actual product will be released soon,” writes Barton George, responsible for this exciting project continues to progress after delivery and discount this summer, developers selected beta testers.

No one knows the exact final configuration for this business Dell XPS 13 with Ubuntu but is sure to be of a good standard, similar in performance to the market with Windows and always with the 13.3-inch screen with 720p resolution.

Another aspect that remains for us is to know its price. Hope will be content to know if a computer like this, very attractive, can sell well if it is ruled with an Ubuntu Linux.

This Dell XPS 13 with Ubuntu ultrabook is pretty interesting, only a few solutions exists similar to it, this ultrabook is of course going to be interesting, we are waiting for the official release of this machine.

At present, release date, price and specs of Dell XPS 13 with Ubuntu are not known, stay tuned with us we will update you as earliest.

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