Dell XPS 14 ultrabook is versatile but noisy: Complete Review & Specs

Dell XPS 14 is a premium ultrabook sold for 1099 Euros. Enduring and aesthetically is very successful, it is powerful enough to run the most demanding applications than simple word processing software and Internet browsing.

Dell XPS 14

Dell XPS 14 is featuring a 14-inch bright; this premium ultrabook and has powerful enough to run intensive applications.

The promise

Dell XPS 14

Dell XPS 14 was announced just three months ago and today we get the chance you bring you the review of this gadget. Our first impressions were generally good. However, the machine is relatively noisy in operation, and the temperature of its hull was also quite high. Dell has finally delivered Dell XPS 14 in its final version. This is the configuration named Dell XPS 14 Silver and sold for 1099 euros. For this price you get from other priority telephone support and a help desk the next day.


Dell XPS 14

The Dell XPS 14 is premium large ultrabook format from Dell. XPS 13’s big brother, this notebook screen is 14 inches and finished relatively thin (2.2 cm). Mixing brushed anodised aluminium, soft touch rubber material and carbon fibber chassis accuses still a weight of 2.1 pounds. In travelling, the machine will therefore feel a little more on the shoulder as the other ultrabooks on the market. But it is durable. When playing video, screen brightness and bottom module Wi-Fi enabled and connected, the Dell XPS 14 performs for more than 4 h 30 min without any problem. A good score for a machine more multimedia oriented office. Finally, Dell has equipped its foal correctly in terms of connectors: two USB 3.0, two video outputs (HDMI and miniDisplayPort) and a multiformat card reader, Gigabit LAN and audio jack stereo / microphone.
A balanced configuration that heats

Dell XPS 14 is a model called “low consumption”. Supported by 4GB of memory and comes with Intel i Core processor, it delivers power of 1.7 GHz and features a graphics controller. Depending on the tasks, it dynamically interacts with the Nvidia GeForce GT 630M. So when you surf on the Internet, this is the controller that Intel is working. If you start a game, however, is the GeForce takes over. Finally, to complete the velocity of all, Dell put in a 500 GB hard drive, coupled with a module 32GB SSD mSATA in. Not as good as a conventional SSD, but this alliance allows the exchange of files to be faster. Starting the machine from sleep is also boosted. Noise level of the Dell XPS 14 ranges between 31.2 dB (almost perfect silence, when the machine is at rest) and 43.7 dB when fans whirring (with games, for example). As for the mercury, it tends to panic! The enclosure temperature is between 32 and 47 ° C.
A bright display but narrow viewing angles

The 14-inch panel of the Dell XPS 14 machine has a high-definition 1600 points 900. This is called “borderless”. This means that Dell has removed the entire plastic edge of the screen, to reveal a beautiful glass that resists scratching. Only regret, the latter also reflect the lack of any strong environment of the user. Display is very bright (over 440 cd / m 2), but low contrast (823:1). The overall record is good, as long as you keep the display directly in front of you. Otherwise, the viewing angles restricted to remind you about the colors darken and the display loses brightness and intensity.
Good sound, a very nice keyboard

Dell XPS 14

In addition to the visual comfort, Dell plays the card of hearing comfort in Dell XPS 14 ultrabook. Thus, the speakers embedded enough to enjoy some occasional music and soundtracks of movies DivX or MKV. The keyboard, meanwhile, is a great success. Similar to the XPS 13 and XPS 15 is equipped with separate buttons, slightly glossy and backlit. Recent fall naturally under the fingers and are fun to browse. We only regret that Dell has “forgotten” to remove the shortcut for controlling the ejection of the optical drive while the machine did not simply. For best comfort, the palm rest are well proportioned, like the numeric keypad, whose surface is pleasant to browse at your fingertips.
The verdict

The Dell XPS 14 Silver ultrabook is sold for 1099 euros, 100 euros more expensive than the XPS 13. More comfortable to use (but heavier), the XPS 14 has, among other things, a device that offers wide scope in terms of usage, unlike a ultrabook “classic”. The noise of the ventilation and heat are two elements to load, as the absence of external optical drive. This was all about the Dell XPS 14 ultrabook.

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