Dell XPS One 27 a powerful all-in-One PC: Review, Specs and Features

The new computer from Dell that is Dell XPS One 27 combines beautiful design and a high level of performance. Its 27-inch offers a high definition but it shines a little too.

The promise

Dell XPS One 27

Dell returns to the all-in-one premium PC. Echoing some features of the Inspiron 2320 One and a bit of the old design XPS One 24, the XPS One 27 dazzles with its glossy 27-inch, showing a definition of 2560 points per 1440. This large piece is available in two versions on the manufacturer’s website. In a test the Premium, priced at 1799 euros version was tested and we have brought the review for you, just to rub directly on the Asus ET2701 and to a lesser extent, the HP Omni 27.

Reality of Dell XPS One 27

XPS One 27

Dell XPS One 27 comes with articulated foot and solid aluminium, 27-inch display with no apparent edge, the XPS One 27 is very similar to the Apple iMac. A quick tour of the machine shows that Dell has paid special attention to finishing and connectivity. Rich in connectivity, it consists of six 3.0 USB ports, an optical audio output (compatible with 7.1), the analog microphone input, a Gigabit Ethernet network jack, and an output and HDMI input. This HDMI input, usable only when the PC is on, can host game console, TV box, camcorder, etc. The display switches between the Bureau of Windows 7 and that of the connected HDMI device through the touch buttons, located on the bottom right of the screen next to the ejection of Blu-ray. The same touch buttons also control the brightness of the panel and the speaker volume.

Beautiful images and sound in Dell XPS One 27

Dell relies heavily on the screen. And right! It displays a definition of 2560 points in 1440 and is full retinas. Despite a correct brightness (262 cd/m2) and a contrast ratio greater than 1000:1, the glossy panel will interfere with the professional image and video. The pros prefer to work with matte screens to avoid glare. Nevertheless, videographers, photographers or budding mad Excel spreadsheets will appreciate the work surface. Finally, thanks to good viewing angles of the screen, watching a Blu-ray is very nice. With such an image, it’s a shame that Dell is deprived of HD TV tuner and remote control. Its side, the XPS One 27 integrates high-quality stereo speakers and powerful enough to drown out the noise of the fan: 48 dB at full power the PC is too! Placed under the screen facing down, they allow sound to a desktop correctly or a living room. careful though not to over turn up the volume when listening to music because of the small speakers tend to saturate! The steering gear is only with the keyboard / wireless mouse (the receiver is integrated), whose finish is rather plain for a machine of this price.

Much work and multimedia, but some slack in Dell XPS One 27

XPS One 27

Behind the big screen hides a powerful configuration in Dell XPS One 27 All-in-One, consisting of an Intel Core i7-3770S (four cores clocked at 3.1 GHz) and 8 GB of memory. For archiving your data, a 2 TB hard drive, supported by a module 32GB SSD in mSata. Its role is to boost Windows 7 boot and run your favorite applications a little faster. The test results are conclusive, the machine appears to be much reactive. For the graphical part, Dell has retained the chip from Nvidia GeForce GT 640M, a version for laptops equipped with 2 GB of GDDR5 memory. It uses the latest NVIDIA architecture Kepler, the same as the great Aspire Acer TimeLine U M3. The chip turns quite properly when tested with games ( Dirt 2 in DirectX 11 and Resident Evil 5 in DX 10) by displaying 42 to 50 frames per second, every detail thoroughly in Full HD (1920 or 1080 points per ). The chip is also suitable for Diablo III or Secret World. It did not make the Dell a real machine for gamers. Do not try to play in native resolution of the display! The scores recorded are all below 30 frames / s, which is in practice unplayable.

Significant power consumption

Dell has had the foresight to put the power supply inside the Dell XPS One 27 All-in-One PC. This avoids having a big ugly adapter on the desktop. With technology Nvidia Optimus integration, the XPS One 27 uses only 70 watts at rest, in comparison, a 27-inch iMac consumes almost double the rest. However, this voracious all-in-one absorbs almost 195 watts at full speed. Certainly, it is 20 watts less than an iMac but it is too.

The verdict

The XPS One 27 is an all-in-one high-end rather successful. Powerful and well supplied with connectivity, it has a beautiful screen, with an unusual definition for a PC. It has only one flaw: a slab too bright. And we regret for the lack of a HD TV tuner and remote control. But Dell XPS One 27 is really impressive.

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