Dell XPS One 27 Touch All-in-One PC with Windows 8: Review & Specs

This Dell XPS One 27 Touch All-in-one PC premium offers beautiful picture quality. But the control of Windows 8 with fingertips is not very practical on a large screen of 27 inches.

The promise

Dell XPS One 27 Touch

The Dell XPS One 27 Touch is one of the All-in-One PC running on Windows 8. According to the datasheet, the PC retains the same attributes as previous non-touchscreen All-in-One PC. The power and versatility are rendezvous.


The Dell XPS One 27 Touch carries a large 27-inch screen responds to commands supported by the new Microsoft Windows 8. On non-touch version, it only allowed for adjustment of the screen forward or backward. In touch the version, articulate, can tilt the screen close to the office so that the arms less tiring. It is perfect for work like, editing photos or editing videos, or watching a TV show or a Blu-ray movie are clearly activities where the machine excels. However quite rounded lines and its imposing dimensions do not intend, we believe, to stay in the living room. However, in an office or in a room, it naturally finds its place. Dell provides a keyboard and wireless mouse, more practical than the fingers to write a long email or to the photo editing precision.
The touch, a dispensable asset

Dell XPS One 27 Touch

To use Windows 8 by your fingertips on a display of this size is fun the first time, but it quickly becomes tiresome. For example, to close a window launched from the Windows 8 interface, you must drag your finger downward on the slab. On a tablet, it’s easy. On a 27-inch display is not. One must try several times, with more or less success. The bigger resolution leads to smaller icons icons on the desktop or in the browser. The score is sometimes unclear. But we must recognize that there is no comparison with the touch interface of Windows 7. Results for Windows 8 operate properly, it must take a lot of time to resize the overall interface menus and windows. In the end, it often comes with the keyboard and mouse! The touch is here that additional navigational tool, not a unique way to control this massive and beautiful high-end PC Dell XPS One 27 Touch.
Good multimedia equipment

So that Windows 8 experience is as pleasant as possible, Dell XPS One 27 Touch is equipped with the best components. Starting with a screen, that displays a definition of 2560 x 1440 pixels. This is more than the standard high-definition (1920 by 1080 dots) of LCD TVs. The picture quality is impressive. For convenience, it is possible to adjust the brightness thanks to touch controls present on the bottom of the screen, these commands can also use the HDMI input on the PC. It is therefore possible to connect a video game console, a TV box or camcorder with the machine and use the display as a simple screen projection. However, it must be turned on for the switch works. For entertainment, the Blu-ray player and speaker kit onboard are wonders. If the audio quality is not to your liking, you can connect a home theater receiver to the optical S / PDIF machine. It regrets the lack of Freeview HD TV tuner and a remote control associated.
Only problem with the game itself

Dell XPS One 27 Touch is equipped with an Intel Core i7-3770S trendy, 8GB of memory and an Nvidia GeForce GT 640M, with this configuration it is doing very well with office applications and web browsing, but it is not suitable for sophisticated 3D game in the native resolution of the screen. It is possible to play occasionally lowering the graphic quality and the image size (40 to 51 frames per second measured).

However, you can edit photos or do film editing without the slightest concern. To accommodate all your data (files, music, etc..) and your applications, HDD 2TB, supported and boosted by a 32GB SSD for better responsiveness of the machine (faster startup, the output monitoring and copying files). When you work or surf on the Dell XPS One 27 Touch consumes less than 80 watts and makes very little noise (33.2 dB). However, if you use the power of the machine to encode or edit video, sounds ventilation (47.4 dB) and power consumption reached more than 180 watts.
The verdict

Sold for 1899 euros, this upscale version of the Dell XPS One 27 Touch does not lack resources. We appreciate being able to adjust the height and angle of the big screen, something impossible on non-touch version. However, only use the touch interface of Windows 8 (gestures and manipulations associated) is tiring on the big screen. Fortunately, the keyboard and mouse are there!

This was all regarding one of the best equipped All-in-One PC of the market, running Windows 8 Dell XPS One 27 Touch.

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