Do you know about ReactOS – React Operating System?

ReactOS (React Operating System) is an open source project to create an operating system applications and drivers that are compatible with Windows NT. The Part of their code is based on the Wine project.

You can find this OS and its latest information on official their Official website.

Let me introduce you with the history of ReactOS. In 1996 a group of programmers and free software developers started a project called Free-Win95 which was to implement a clone of Windows 95 and the project was discussed by the design of the system and the developed layers having MS-DOS compatibility, but unfortunately this criterion was not completed.
Later by 1997 the project had not released a version so coordinator Jason Filby could revive the project, then decided to change the core of the system compatible with MS-DOS and Windows NT compatible and so the project could go ahead and with the final name REACT OS that started in February 1998 to develop the basis for the kernel and some basic drivers.
Version History

Many development tools between Api and Abi are ready for a high level of development and a basic GUI interface so you also have esta.react which is React Os Explorer (ROS Explorer), in general this core is similar to windows explorer.

React I

In late 1997, the project had collapsed without achieving any results. Jason Filby became project coordinator and calls all who are subscribed to email lists of the project. In this they decide to change the focus and try to emulate Windows NT and that would emphasize, especially to the results – writing code and less discussion. Then ReactOS project was named with its name to root of the word “react” (reaction) by the general discontent with Microsoft and its monopoly products. In February 1998, ReactOS began its real journey.

Climbing Stairs

The first years of ReactOS were painfully slow even though they were writing large amounts of code. Only a few developers knew implement core code. In this period there were few participants in the project who could write code core, later when the it became more stable and more complete when drivers fail to implement IDE, keyboard and video but there was a boom in project schedule.

Present ReactOS

Today the number of developers continues to grow; the core has progressed enormously and is sufficiently stable and complete for higher level jobs. Network code and its functioning in ROS allow the use of network resources. Support for OpenGL and DirectX lets you run games like Quake I and II. It also has support for USB, keyboard and mouse.

Near Future

The near future includes a ReactOS ready for internet, configured graphically through the control panel. We can also see several other improvements including better device manager, support for PNP and enhanced USB capability.

Relationship of ReactOS to the Wine project

ReactOS has always planned to work with the Wine project to exchange much programming effort as much as possible.

This mainly affects the DLLs User Mode (User Mode DLLs) and happens, once the ReactOS kernel is complete, as these areas form the underlying infrastructure.

Other areas of cooperation and its applications

The ReactOS project currently focuses on compatibility with Windows NT 4.0, seeks to maintain compatibility with the following versions of Windows NT and Windows 2000 (NT 5.0), Windows XP (NT 5.1), Windows 2003 Server and Windows Vista ( NT 6.0).

React Operating System

Operating system is an advanced free open source implementation that provides a zero created an operating system compatible with Microsoft Windows XP. ReactOS aims to achieve binary compatibility with applications and device drivers for NT systems (XP, 2003) using a similar architecture and providing a complete and equivalent public interface.

ReactOS is the most complete model of a Windows operating system which is available for free. Therefore, developers can learn a lot by studying ReactOS code or even participating in the development.

ReactOS will continue to incorporating features from newer versions and where it possible to define technology in operating systems.

In short, ReactOS is a perfect OS to run your applications in your devices if you are looking for a free operating system.

Please keep in mind that ReactOS 0.3.6 is still in alpha stage, meaning that is not yet complete and is not recommended for use for everyone.

ReactOS operating system compatible with Windows XP

Currently, there are free alternatives to Windows that allow you to run certain Windows apps like Wine. The problem with Wine is to be run under an operating system like Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X or Solaris. ReactOS is somewhat different, is a complete free operating system trying to provide users with a system compatible with Windows XP.

Currently ReactOS architecture only supports 32-bit processors (Intel Pentium x64, Intel Xeon x64, x64 AMD Athlon and AMD Opteron 32-bit mode) but the 64 bits of these processors is not supported right now.

ReactOS is free and open source. As an Alpha version is not appropriate to install as the default operating system, so we recommend you to install as virtual (VMWare, VirtualPC, QEMUo like) operating system.

Why to use ReactOS and not any linux with wine?
– Approach to desktop environments
– ReactOS is based as a clone of Windows NT
– Wine is not 100% compatible with Windows applications.
It was all about ReactOS and system compatibility. I hope now many of your questions regarding ReactOS has been solved.

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