Do you know computer sales are falling for the first time since 2001?

During 2012, representatives of some companies that manufacture computers and computer parts, complained about the loss of revenue due to a decrease in demand for their products. In the past, it was only about a slowdown in sales growth, analysts are now talking about reducing the volume of computer sales for the year, for the first time since 2001.

computer sales 2012

Thus, according to the company’s forecast IHS iSuppli, for the entire 2012 global sales of PCs will be 348.7 million units. This is 1.2% less than what was recorded in 2011. For comparison, in 2011 there was an increase in computer sales by 2.2% compared to the previous year.

Such a situation has developed in the market as a result of several factors. So, earlier this year during CES 2012, Intel together with computer manufacturers predicted a huge success for thin and light ultrabook. However, users have shared optimism and manufacturers have been slow to buy such devices. As a result, the actual sales of ultrabooks were significantly lower than forecasts. If at the beginning it was planned for the entire 2012 to sell about 22 million ultrabooks, given the actual volume of computer sales in the first half of the annual target has been revised and is now expected that the year will be sold only 10.3 million of these devices. It also reported that during the season of back-to-school was not the traditional significant increase in sales of computer equipment. In addition, due to the un favourable economic situation, many people postpone the purchase of computers and prefer to buy mobile devices.

Some improvement in the computer sales market could happen in 2013. This will contribute to the output at the end of this year, the new operating system Windows 8. In addition, next year is expected entry of new ultrabooks and ultra-thin notebooks, better to meet the needs of users than existing solutions. This was all regarding the declining computer sales.

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