Do you know you can play games in your PC using your eyes just?

A team of researchers from Imperial College London has developed a highly efficient system for managing eye movements using a PC. Moreover, enthusiasts have created a working prototype of the manipulator and unusual in comparison with analogues, it was very cheap.

Eye technlogy
According to the developers, a prototype built from readily available components and cost about £ 40. It has a pair of cameras, the bow of the glasses and the original software. The cameras track the movement of the eyes, and the software converts them to mouse movement. To make a click, is enough to blink.
During the prototype it was tested for 10 minutes with people, adapted to work with the “eye manipulator” and could very well play a simple electronic version of ping-pong. The efficiency was approximately 20% compared with the traditional management of virtual racket, but the test was not enough. With this device you can almost fully work with the PC, surf and even typing.

According to the Institute of Physics, a commercial sample manipulator will be able to broadcast data over Wi-Fi or USB and communicate with a PC running Windows or Linux. The release date of this gadget is not revealed, as well as about whether it will be produced on a commercial basis in principle. However, such a device could be invaluable in many situations. For example, for people with muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis and other diseases that prevents the use of hands.


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