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Do you know YouTube has a function to blur the face of persons?

YouTube has introduced the new service and this new service function will blur people’s faces, imprinted in the rollers. This is intended to provide a higher level of privacy.

YouTube Blur

This function may be required in cases where users upload videos to YouTube or any other actions of political protest. Thus, by using the blur of persons can be unrecognizable people who took part in them. Also, this feature can be useful when downloading videos from the children’s games and other content, participants who wished to remain anonymous. It is noted that people spread function can be used as a new load rollers, and to those who have long been available on the service. To do this, use the tool and the Video Enhancements section in Additional Features. After that, the user will be available for a preview of the spread function of persons. Then – after processing of the video – the user will be offered a new movie, in which participants face is blurred. The original video can then be saved for future use or removed.

However, experts point out of YouTube, that the technology is now spreading in person, still far from perfect and in some cases it may not work as users would have liked. So, sometimes there can be problems in face detection when shooting at certain angles in certain lighting conditions, or are located behind the barrier. In addition, we require that the quality of the original movie was quite high. Because, in some cases after treatment the person may not be blurred. Don’t you think so that this new option of blurring the face of person in YouTube is quite interesting?